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JUL 2018

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JULY 2018 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 83 1 9 9 9 8 7 1 6 4 2 1 3 4 9 6 9 7 9 9 3 5 29 3d 27 12 29 7a 12 27 31 3d 7b 30 6a 6d 34 6c 6f 24 25 6b 33 3d 32 25 24 21 22 23 25 36 28 25 25 25 25 7c 25 25 25 12 27 24 26 3b 18 19 17 16 3a 8a 13 20 11 10 15 12 10c 26d 12a 12a 26c 28a 28b 28b 28b 26f 10a 13b 28b 13c 26e 12b 10d 28b 26b 10a 12a 12a 13a 10b 14b 17a 15a 14a 3g 14c 14c 26a 14 S o i l e d D i s h D r o p - O f f Pizza/Roast/ Mediterranean Coffee Staging Pantry Grill Street Food Ref. + 35F. Soda System Composed Salads Farm Table Grill/Street Food/Entrees Salads Pizza Prep Lettuce Display Silverware Cups Ice Water Coffee Tea & Condiments Juice Ice Cups Frozen Yogurt Topping s Waffles Cereal Milk Toast Station Bowl Storage Below Kosher Items Below Beverages Benjamin Franklin College Servery Cooking Suite Yale University Pauli Murray College and Benjamin Franklin College Servery Floorplans Equipment Key 1. Corner guard 2. Mobile Queen Mary cart 3. Roll-in refrigerator 3a. Reach-in refrigerator w/ back counter 3b. Mobile worktop freezer 3c. Walk-in cooler 3d. Undercounter refrigerator 3e. Reach-in refrigerator 3f. Mobile undercounter freezer 3g. Evaporator coil 4. Mobile universal rack 5. Coffee brewer 6. Insulated beverage dispenser 6a. Soda ice and beverage dispenser 6b. Milk dispenser 6c. Hot water dispenser 6d. Juice dispenser 6e. Tea dispenser 6f. Ice dispenser 6g. Beverage dispenser 7. Mobile work table 7a. Refrigerated prep table 7b. Prep table w/sinks 7c. Farm table 7d. Pizza prep table 8. Sink 8a. Hand sink 9. Trash container 10. Table-mounted overshelf 10a. Drop-in heated shelf 10b. Mobile shelving 10c. Bread shelf 10d. Cereal shelf 10e. Shelving unit 11. Water filter assembly 12. Soap dispenser 12a. Paper towel dispenser 12b. Cereal dispenser 12c. Cup dispenser 13. Mobile, stacked combi oven 13a. Water filter for combi oven 13b. Pizza oven 13c. Conveyor toaster 14. UV control panel 14a. Water wash control panel 14b. DCV control panel 14c. Controls (for equipment) 15. Steamer 15a. Water filter steamer 16. Bag-in-box soda system 17. Carbonator 17a. Carbonator shelf 18. Drop cord 19. Fire suppression system 20. Wall sheathing 21. 30-gal. tilting skillet 22. Floor trough 22a. Trough and sink 23. Cooking suite: 4-burner range, flattop griddle, ver- tical broiler, fryer, steamer, undercounter refrigerated drawers 24. Exhaust ventilation 25. Food shield 26. Counter w/sink 26a. Back counter w/tray slides 26b. Front service counter 26c. Back counter w/sink and hand sink 26d. Back counter w/hand sink 26e. Dessert counter 26f. Beverage counter 26g. Back counter w/anti- splash drain 26h. Cereal counter 26i. Back counter 27. 8-inch-high partition 28. Drop-in soup well 29. Undercounter heated cabinet 30. Air screen 31. Food slicer 32. Countertop soft-serve machine 33. Double waffle maker 34. Nugget-style ice maker Visit facility-design-project-of-the-month to view the related kitchen floorplan.

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