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JUL 2018

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sense of place and create a feeling of community that goes a long way toward salving those homesick blues. Mealtime is also an opportunity for students from different backgrounds to gather and learn from each other. Education takes place not only in the classroom, but in the exchange of ideas that happens when dining together. is "classroom" deserves the best tools available, too, just like labs and lecture halls. Options for customization Sourcing ceramic dinnerware from a reputable company brings with it the option to customize plates with a university logo or other design. It taps into school spirit and unites the campus community, becoming part of the fabric of the university experience. ere are practical reasons for choosing custom dinnerware, too. It builds brand value and recognition. Today's students are tomorrow's alumni—and potential donors, as well as parents of future students—so taking every opportunity to keep your name top-of-mind is just smart business. I've even heard stories of alumni wanting to buy their alma mater's custom ware because it brings back fond memories! I've always said that dinnerware is so much more than just a place to put food. It's a major part of the overall dining experience. Just as quality dinnerware adds to and elevates a restaurant's milieu, it can do the same for university dining halls. For more information on custom dinnerware: 800-452-4462, by Katie Bricker, foodservice and general marketing manager for HLC Homer Laughlin sponsored content Colleges and universities are seeing the value of a heartier plate. Ceramic Dinnerware Goes to School High-quality ceramic dinnerware is no longer the exclusive domain of restaurants and hotels. Colleges and universities are also seeing the value in a heartier plate that lasts longer, is better for the environment, and can make students feel more at home. It can even bolster brand awareness. Sustainability e eco-conscious movement has taken root at colleges, as young people look to improve their world in ways big and small. Disposable dinnerware doesn't cut it anymore. Neither does plastic, no matter how heavy-duty, because it will eventually break down and end up in a landfill. Ceramic dinnerware can also help curb food waste. How so? Get a larger plate with a smaller rim, then do away with trays. Instead of a student loading up a tray with an assortment of small plates of food that will never be consumed, he or she now has just one plate with which to make smart food choices. And, with the trays gone, the kitchen will use less water on clean-up. Feels like home For many students, college is the first extended time they've spent away from home. It is an unfamiliar, at times overwhelming, experience. Dinnerware that feels like the plates from home can give students a JULY 2018 • SPONSORED CONTENT • 19

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