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JUN 2018

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● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● JUNE 2018 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 65 By Donna Boss Photos courtesy of Jackson Public Schools, photos by Sherwin Johnson T he renovation of Northwest Jackson IB Middle School (the "IB" stands for International Baccalaureate) in Jackson, Miss., offered Mary A. Hill, SNS, executive director of food services, and her child nutrition team an opportunity to build a new foodservice operation to serve the school's 359 students in grades 6 through 8. "We also designed an entirely new dining space that enriches the dining experi- ence for the students," Hill says. "We brought in contemporary equipment for the kitchen and servery in order to enhance food preparation and meal production." During the renovation months, Hill's staff members were able to serve meals from the old kitchen. "We were so appre- ciative that we didn't have to satellite in meals," she says. Prior to the renovation, the school often experienced cracking and shifting of its building slab and walls, which created a structurally unsound facility, according to Burris/ Wagnon Architects, P.A. These areas included the cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium, plus some classrooms and support areas; they were demolished and replaced by a new addition that employs a deep foundation system that connects to the areas not included in the renovation. Better Workflow After food deliveries arrive at a loading dock, staff place them in the aligned two walk-in coolers, a walk-in freezer and dry stor- age, all of which are larger than those in the previous kitchen. "We can maintain a larger inventory, which helps contain deliv- ery costs and can increase the menu variety," Hill says. The renovation also repositioned the manager's office so she can see the back door and deliveries as they arrive. "The manager also has a complete view of storage areas and some of the prep area," Hill says. "This gives her supervisory con- trol of incoming and outgoing activities that she didn't have in the previous facility." The operation's efficient flow moves from delivery to cold preparation, to hot preparation and to the servery where staff serve students. In the cold preparation area, staff use worktables and sinks to wash vegetables, a slicer to cut veg- etables and fruit, a food processor to cut and mix food items ● Owner: Jackson Public School District in Jackson, Miss. ● Executive Director of Facilities: Don McCrackin ● Director of Construction: Sandra Robinson ● Principal at Northwest Jackson IB Middle School: Kevin Culver and former principal Dr. Chinelo Evans ● Executive Director of Food Services: Mary A. Hill, SNS ● Foodservice Manager: Leatricia Robinson ● Architect: Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A., Jackson, Miss. ● Interior Designer: Business and Office Konnextions, Jackson, Miss.; Patricia Reese ● Foodservice Consultant: Sherman Robinson Inc., Indianapolis; Sherman Robinson, principal, FFCSI ● Equipment Dealer: Hotel and Restaurant Supply Co., Jackson, Miss. ● Construction: Chris Albritton Construction Co., Laurel, Miss. KEY PLAYERS L-shaped serving lines enable staff to present food attractively and encourage students to select healthful choices.

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