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JUN 2018

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M O V I N ' O U T If you can't go to the wood-fired oven, why not bring the wood-fired oven to you? That's the theory behind an ever-increasing number of food trucks that have wood-fired ovens installed inside them. On the higher end of the spectrum sit behemoths like the 900 Degreez truck that operates out of Orlando, Fla. It's a 35- foot, 33,000-pound converted container which carries a 3,500-pound wood-fired oven inside. 900 Degreez promises an artisan pizza in 90 seconds, and an all-glass exterior lets patrons watch the action from the outside. On a more reasonable scale are trucks like the Mobile Pie Truck, based in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Like many such trucks, this one is self- contained, with its own water, refrigeration and wood storage areas. But unlike other trucks, which have the wood-fired oven inside and serve from inside the truck, once the Mobile Pie Truck is parked on location, "everything is done from the outside," chef John Heitmann explains. "There's a hole cut into the side of the truck, so we set up tables outside. We just turn and serve the people." As with most wood-fired oven trucks, pizza serves as the big draw for the Mobile Pie Truck. But this operation also roasts steaks, lamb chops, vegetables and fruit such as pineapple and grapefruit. Bartenders use the roasted fruit in specialty drinks. For dessert, the truck offers chocolate chip cookies. Heitmann says the cookies can be a challenge because of the need to "balance the evenness of the heat on the bottom and the fire going on the top. The flame's got to be just right so it doesn't burn the top of the cookie," he says. To produce high-volume food for catering events, the truck uses a system of stacked hotel pans. Initial prep occurs off-site, with the finishing done at the mobile location. "We'll put it into hotel pans and then stack the hotel pans," Heitmann says, "so you're getting height and width. What happens is the bottom pan is warmer and the top pan is warmer because of the way the oven is set up, where the heat is on the floor and with the flames going around the top. So those two pans would be the first pans to come out, and you can add pans as you go." Wind and external temperature are the big issues the truck has to overcome when it's on-site, according to Heitmann. Outweighing those problems, though, is the truck's portability, Heitmann says, which al- lows it to go places larger trucks couldn't. FE&S Warming Up to Wood-Fired Cooking Changing the Way You Cook since 1990 800.988.8103 360.650.1111 STONE HEARTH OVENS available in WOOD-FIRED, COAL-FIRED, GAS-FIRED or COMBINATION fuel configurations. OVER 15,000 INSTALLATIONS in 80+ COUNTRIES worldwide. Made in the USA. Mobile Pie Truck cooks outside its food truck instead of the more traditional inside cooking approach. Staff go beyond pizza to cook items like lamb chops (seen at right) and even chocolate chip cookies.

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