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JUN 2018

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44 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • JUNE 2018 online ordering. In 2018, however, calling in orders ticked up five points compared to the last study and merits watching over the next few years. Orders placed by sales reps, however continued its steady decline. Only 28 percent of operators say their sales reps handle placing orders for them, down from 36 percent in 2016. Only 14 percent of operators indicate they have switched vendors or suppliers in the past year, much lower than in past waves of the study. Among the companies switching equipment and supplies vendors, the top two reasons were better service and pricing. Operators seem satisfied with the frequency of visits paid by members of the supply chain on a monthly basis. Dealer sales reps show up an average of 1.4 times per month, which 79 percent of operators say is just right. Manufacturers' reps are visiting operators .96 times per month, which 72 percent of operators say is just right. When prompted about ways equipment and supplies vendors could enhance service, operators cited two key areas: making product information easier to find and make more technical information available about products. When it comes time to make a purchasing decision, 79 percent of operators rely on their own personal research, which is similar to 2016. Operators consider trade shows, foodservice trade publications, manufacturer websites and their peers to be among the top four sources for researching equipment and supplies products. FE&S NUMBER OF PEOPLE INVOLVED IN FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT PURCHASING DECISIONS Three people are typically involved in purchasing decisions ac- cording to FE&S' 2018 Operator Purchasing Study; the breakdown here differs little from the 2016 study. Six or More – 3% One – 3% Two – 29% Three – 35% Four – 19% Five – 11% DO YOU USE A PLANNED MAINTENANCE PROGRAM? The jury seems to be out still on planned maintenance programs, with slightly more non-commercial operators opting for a program. SUPPLY CHAIN INTERACTION Operators seem satisfied with the frequency of visits paid by members of the supply chain on a monthly basis, which remains consistent with the 2016 study. Rate the frequency with which your foodservice equipment and supplies dealer visits your operation. Rate the frequency with which manufacturers' reps for food- service equipment and supplies companies visit your operation. Too Frequent – 1% Too Frequent – 2% Commercial Operators No – 51% Yes – 49% About Right – 79% About Right – 72% Not Frequent Enough – 20% Not Frequent Enough – 26% Non-Commercial Operators No – 45% Yes – 55% 2018 OPERATOR PURCHASING STUDY

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