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JUN 2018

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1 JUNE 2018 • SPONSORED CONTENT • 25 With griddles that stay hot 24/7, the Hoppy Gnome doesn't have to worry about the temperature or getting behind in their service. (877) 959-8931 The Steam Shell Griddle offers benefi ts far beyond that of conventional griddles or any other grilling device currently on the market. • Consistent Results • Instant Recovery • Error Proof • Faster Cook Times • Better Quality Food slow cooked ahead of time, cut and portioned, then prepackaged and fin- ished off on the griddle. With no conventional ovens or steam- ers, the operation relies on the American Griddle steam griddles, a small fryer, a six burner range, and the two Thermodyne slow cook and hold ovens. "Our griddles are busy," says Millan. "When we used to use tradi- tional flat tops, our first test was with tortillas, which took over a minute," says Millan. "With American Griddles, it takes just 14 seconds to prepare." A big benefit of the American Griddle units is that these stay hot 24/7. "There is no recovery time at all. We can take the first batch out and put a new one right in," says Millan. In many cases, there is a time factor with griddles, which can have cold and hot spots. "American Griddles never get cold," says Millan. "We can keep making tacos and not worry about the tempera- ture or getting behind. Our speed of ser- vice is between five and seven minutes." Reliability issues can impact speed of service, as well. Fortunately, in the three years The Hoppy Gnome has been using the American Griddles, the units have never broken down. "An- other benefit is the griddles are easy to clean and maintain," says Millan. The griddles are flexible for a va- riety of uses, yet this does not impact turnaround time. In fact, the restaurant depends on this equipment for its popular weekend brunch to prepare eggs and French toast. "I'd estimate 60 percent of our product is prepared with these griddles," says Millan. "I've used all kinds of equipment, and this is the best."

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