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JUN 2018

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JUNE 2018 • SPONSORED CONTENT • 23 Talk to any foodservice operator and the goal that's most likely top of mind is improving speed of service. It sounds basic and not too complicated, after all, isn't it just about improving efficiencies in the back of house? In many cases, this is more easily said than done. Success involves a kitchen design that minimizes extra steps and movement; forecasting volume and sales; ensuring staff is adequately trained for quick turnaround; and, probably most important, equipment that is up to the task. Because production is dependent on the time it takes for cooking and/or heating; assembly; and expediting, choosing the appropriate equipment for the menu is vital to ensuring and enhancing speed of service. For example, adding a second cook line or doubling up on equipment may be necessary for a high-volume restaurant to keep up with demand. Heated holding units could be an answer for operators delving into carry out and delivery to make sure food is hot and ready when needed. Upgrading equipment to models with newer technology and time-saving features can help cut turnaround time substantially. Quick temperature recovery, simple operation and automated controls for recipes are factors when it comes to reducing production time. Another aspect when looking at time savings with equipment is maintenance, because if a unit is inoperable or on the fritz, it's not just speed of service that is impacted. This is where preventative maintenance programs and partnering with companies that can make quick repairs come into play. In the foodservice industry, time is money, and it behooves operators not to waste either. THE NEED FOR SPEED

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