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APR 2018

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82 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • APRIL 2018 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h "It was important to get all the equipment specified correctly because it had been 50 years since the original building was constructed, and now another major renovation probably won't take place for another 50 years," Young adds. Fortunately, everything fell into place quickly after hitting that roadblock. Menu Production "Deliveries arrive in the middle of the night in a gated area. This obscures delivery trucks from the street," says Chris Franke, clubhouse manager. Staff move deliveries to the clubhouse's lower level, which contains walk-ins, a dual-temperature refrigerator/ freezer, dry goods storage, a liquor room and a temperature- controlled display wine cellar. The Cellar, a cozy, rustic, wine-themed private dining room, also sits on this floor. The club's three sommeliers support this room as well as the club's other dining rooms and lounges. Staff take menu ingredients to the main-level kitchen, which contains walk-in coolers for produce, meat and dairy and a walk-in freezer. "The kitchen was strategically placed to be at the center of service for multiple dining locations," Young says. "An elevator is the spine of the design, so food and beverage products can be received, stored and distribut- ed to key locations from behind the scenes without disrupt- ing the kitchen." The main kitchen contains an a la carte production and pickup area and a separate banquet production and plating area. "Members and their guests can dine at a chef's table and watch production while they interact with the chefs," Bratcher says. "Other than that interaction, the kitchen is a silent space where culinary staff work without talking unless absolutely necessary. We live-plate everything, and it's incredible how the staff works with such synchronicity in this space." "The kitchen's main attraction, a cooking suite, allows culinary staff and the chefs to see each other continuously during production," Franke says. "Each person is responsible for their whole dish rather than several people preparing parts of a meal. This is a very efficient way to prepare food and evens out the load for each staff member. The quality is higher because one person can control when all the parts of the orders are completed." Cooking Suite Each side of the suite contains a six-burner range with a convection oven beneath. Staff use the ranges to saute vegetables including French green beans and fingerling potatoes. The ranges heat soups and ingredients for burrito bowls. On one side of the suite, staff use the plancha to sear trout for trout amandine, pork chops, beef tenderloin and steak frites. Many of these menu items are finished in a salamander or convection oven. Staff use one portion of the plancha to keep pots with sauces hot. "A pot of water is also always boiling here for the pasta dishes," Franke says. Staff use a charbroiler to prepare cedar-plank salmon, burgers, duck a l'orange and barbecue chicken nachos. On the other side of the suite, staff use a griddle top with a convection oven beneath and salamander above to prepare seared sea scallops and Colorado striped bass. Two adja- cent fryers heat calamari, chicken tenders and french fries. "I added an undercounter freezer adjacent to the fryers," Franke says. "We don't use a lot of frozen items, but the ones we use must be within an arm's-distance reach for expediency." A pizza oven nearby heats pizza, flatbreads and appetizers on the dinner menu. A rotisser- ie oven will be added to roast whole chickens and leg of lamb. Hitachi HiQ eSystems® monitors perishable assets to ensure safe, reliable, sanitary transportation and storage. Challenging the Future through Engineered Solutions 844-511-5999 Protect your brand. Protect your assets. H I G H Q U A L I T Y F O O D S A F E T Y P A R T N E R Visit Us @ NRA Booth #11213 Lakeside Ballroom A higher level of food safety intelligence. Track back of house in real time via desktop, tablet, or smartphone Record temperatures automatically at all times Alert via text, email, or call Protect your assets 24/7, 365

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