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APR 2018

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facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h Contact us today to learn more. (877) 602-8380 EPA 202 Approved -No hood required Precision heat with constant temperature Extending hold time without compromising flavor Flexible holding options Requires minimal operator training s s s s s Booth #2074 The upper level features the President's Room and Sunset Room overlooking the golf course and courtyard for smaller meetings and groups; indoor/outdoor dining facili- ties for the men's locker room, which also overlook the golf course; and a satellite kitchen that supports the men's and women's lounges and The Turn. The poolhouse kitchen and cafe reside in another building a few hundred yards from the clubhouse, which were remodeled as an earlier part of the overall project. "We worked to provide unique experiences in all food and beverage areas that are highly visible to guests," says William Caruso, FFCSI, ISHC, founder of WC&P, the proj- ect's foodservice design consultant. "The services will help the club keep existing members and attract new ones. And we're proud of the fact that the project was completed in less than two years. "The club members met with us numerous times to ex- plain their goals," Caruso adds. "They stressed that any new production areas had to be carefully reviewed with numerous culinary staff." Planning started in 2015, construction began in the spring of 2016, and the project was completed in the fall of 2017. "Completing the project within this time frame and within budget required the team to use a recently renovated — done in 2016 — poolhouse kitchen and bar while the old clubhouse was completely demolished and reconstructed new," says Stephen Young, FCSI, partner and director of global design at WC&P. The $2 million renovated poolhouse kitchen contains a display pizza oven, charbroiler, fryers, con- vection oven and ware- and dishwasher. Ongoing dining and special events took place in a large tented structure during the clubhouse rebuild. All was going quite smoothly during construction until a fire in the club-owned warehouse on the property destroyed about 30 existing pieces of equipment, including combi ovens and reach-in refrigerators set to go into the new kitchen. "Everyone had to jump through hoops to re-specify, make sure the proper utilities were in place and assure that delivery of replacement equipment was on the critical path with the construction and installation schedule to ensure a good final result," Young says. "We had to specify and reengineer field conditions for new equipment to be utilized. The utility and size attributes of the existing equipment varied from that of the new.

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