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APR 2018

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70 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • APRIL 2018 chain profile media marketing with Instagram, Twitter and other platforms). The patio also has design elements inspired by photos of homes built into the cliffs of Mediterranean islands, Andrews says. The space features white epoxy tables and white bench seating (representing the land and houses) on an ocean-blue floor that "gives you a sense of the Mediterranean landscape and seascape," he says. The Mediterranean atmosphere continues with a large mural on the building's exterior that showcases the Mediter- ranean Sea and the region's 20-plus countries. "That mural shows our inspiration, the countries of the Mediterranean we draw from," Andrew says. The interior, of course, also has Mediterranean elements that drive home the restaurant's theme. The most obvious of these is the flooring, an encaustic tile with a pattern similar to what can be found in many Mediterranean countries. The company also uses colors reminiscent of the Mediterranean on the interior, including a striped element on the ceiling of the ordering line with colors that match the food, such as an olive green and a tomato red. Form, Function and Throughput The thoughtfulness of Zoës interior design extends into the new open kitchen, as well. The chain, says Andrews, has long performed a great deal of prep work in house, including cutting its own fruits and vegetables; making hummus, bean dishes, rice dishes and other sides from scratch; and grilling its proteins fresh. But all this was hidden behind a wall, keeping guests in the dark about the freshness and quality of the food. Putting it on display gives the chain the credit it has long deserved. This thinking, while completely logical, is not unusual. Most restaurants with display kitchens want customers to see how much effort goes into the food they make. Zoës, though, takes the idea of display further than most, incorporating some high-end design elements into the space. In addition to tiled walls instead of fiberglass reinforced plas- tic, the kitchen features a drywall ceiling (not tiles), a chande- lier, and an island workstation with a granite countertop. "There really has never been a lot of form in our kitchen, there's just been a lot of functional throughput, so we started to incorporate design. You've got to dress it up if Encaustic floor tiles communicate the restaurant's Mediterranean menu, while various seating options create different "pockets of energy" for guests after different experiences. ● Chain Headquarters: Plano, Texas ● Year Founded: 1995 ● Signature Menu Items: Hummus and pita; Kabobs with Mediterranean sauces; Mediterranean bowls ● Number of Units: Approximately 250 ● Unit Size (prototype): 2600 square feet (1,000 BOH; 1,600 FOH) ● Location Type: Inline, end-cap and standalone ● Number of Seats (prototype): 60-65 inside, 25-30 exterior patio FACTS OF NOTE

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