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APR 2018

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APRIL 2018 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 69 chain profile Going for Dine-In Zoës isn't committing to dine-in to the exclusion of other business. This new restaurant has a separate entrance for carry out customers and a grab-and-go display cooler, for instance. But in some important ways, this new prototype goes against the trend in the fast-casual sector. Many concepts have reengineered their business models and restaurants for off-premise business, going so far as to scale back on the interior design spend and seat count in anticipation of fewer dine-in guests. That isn't Zoës' philosophy. Instead, the chain viewed the redesign as a way to better serve its dine-in customers, and even increase dine-in traffic count with a more complete din- ing experience. Offering this experience means Zoës had to continue a years-long shift in its appearance and its business, Andrews notes. "We were really created years ago with more of a lunch daypart. Through the years, we tried to balance that with our dinner business. As we've grown, we've always tried to use our design to grow that dinner business [and] add those dinner cues." Dinner Design Perhaps the restaurant's biggest dinner cues lie in its seating. Instead of just having polymer chairs and basic tables, Zoës now offers several different seating options. These include custom-made booths with bench-style seating, high-top tables, round four-tops and upholstered round booths. With the different materials, creative lighting, and different loca- tions in the dining area, the restaurant creates "pockets of energy" that allow guests to have the type of dining experi- ence they want. One of these pockets of energy resides outside — Zoës patio. "I think in a lot of restaurants, the patio is an after- thought," says Andrews. "A lot of thought went into our patio." To maximize periods when the restaurant can use this space, for instance, Zoës' new patio features a cover that pro- vides shade in the warmer months and some protection for the elements during colder periods. The patio also includes warm- ers and misting fans to make the area even more comfortable. Beyond temperature control, thoughtful design enhances the patio's appearance and ambiance. It has a large planter box in front and a boxwood wall. These elements bring some life and vibrancy to the space, and they also serve as good back- grounds for guest selfies (and hopefully some low-key social ● Key Players: Kevin Miles, CEO and president; Antonio Locchi, vice president of culinary and beverage strategy and innovation; Archie Andrews, vice president of design and construction; Allyn Taylor, chief development officer. ● Kitchen Design: In-house ● Interior Design: Conceptual work performed by Plan B ● Equipment Dealers: TriMark Strategic, Johnson-Lancaster ZOËS KITCHEN AT A GLANCE Zoës is hoping a new tap wine system with an attractive glass display will help drive beverage sales.

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