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APR 2018

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APRIL 2018 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 41 Communication is a key part of Clark Service Group's success. On top of keeping tabs on customers behind the scenes, the company aims for as many customer touch points as possi- ble. Clark techs call before arriving, and the customer service team calls after a repair or planned maintenance to check on the quality of the company's work. When a multiunit customer is hav- ing a regional meeting, Clark offers to meet with attendees to hear what Clark is doing right and where it can improve. "We let them beat us up if they need to beat us up, and we take back a lot of good information from them. It's great," Clark says. This level of service helps fuel the firm's organic growth. Chains request- ing that the company handle their ser- vice needs in new markets represent a driving factor in Clark Service Group's expansion, for example. Of course, being able to take care of customers requires more than follow- up phone calls. It also requires skilled technicians who can solve customer problems as quickly as possible. To that end, the firm invests in high-quality tools that make repairs easier, as well as nice trucks that have the added benefit of keeping techs happy. In addition, Clark remains dedicat- ed to training its field technicians, regu- larly sending staff to CFESA training events, as well as factory-led training events. The company also holds its own in-house weekly training sessions where technicians see firsthand how to handle repairs on specific pieces of equipment and go over other issues they may face in the field. Finally, the company sets up infor- mal mentorships for its younger field staff. "We try to keep a newly hired tech just getting in the industry with the same one or two senior technicians as much as possible," Clark says. Bringing more young people into this industry is one of Clark's passions. He works with groups dedicated to helping young people in high school and vocational school understand their career options outside of the college track. Simply helping them understand how to present themselves and what life is like in the workforce better prepares them for the future. In addition, Clark Service Group takes on interns from high schools and vocational schools in an attempt to en- courage these young people to consider careers in foodservice. This benefits his firm, which gets the inside track on new talent, as well as the young people themselves, says Clark. The low number of people entering the industry means a good technician will make a very nice living in the years to come. On top of those reasons, however, Clark takes on these efforts as his way to repay an industry that has treated him so well, he says. "I'm 55 years old. My business is successful and running well. I could probably leave and it would run by itself. Now is my time to give back and see how I can help the next gen- eration coming through." Clark Service Group remains firmly connect to family; all of Clark's children work with the company: Glenn III, director of operations; Katie, director of marketing and creative; Elliott, parts and online sales specialist; and Joseph, Philadelphia-area branch manager. Outside of work, Clark enjoys road biking, hiking and surf fishing. Quick Facts: Glenn Clark Education: BA, Geo-Environmental Studies, Shippensburg University Industry Involvement: CFESA board of directors and education/training committee member Family: Married for 31 years to Louisa. Four children: Glenn III, Katie Poole, Elliott, and Joseph. All four of our children are involved with the business. One granddaughter, Levi, with another granddaughter on the way. Weekday wakeup time: 4:30 a.m. Go-to food when dining out: Steak, medium-rare What do you think about when you are in your car? On the way to work, work; on the way home, family. What one word would your co-workers use to describe you? Fair. What one word would your family use to describe you? Giving. What's your superpower? I am a wizard. What was the last picture you took on your phone? A list of things to get at the store so I wouldn't forget, but I forgot I took the picture … Clark invests in high-quality tools that make repairs easier, as well as nice trucks that have the added benefit of keeping techs happy.

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