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24 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • APRIL 2018 Schroeder. "I should write a book on all the teachings I have learned from Kathy," Schroeder says. "These three stand out the most: Learn from your network of people, be a good partner and be nimble. Kathy has also always encouraged me to be my authentic self and to embrace a leadership style that allows me to showcase my own strengths and persistence for excel- lence, despite that everyone wants to be like Kathy." Foodservice Sustainability Leader Seelye takes great pride in her work on the first LEED-certified foodservice operation in the country at Harvard University in 2006. She has since added many LEED-certified projects and has written sustainability books for higher education and healthcare operators. She even created sustainable opera- tions guidelines for Disney's massive Shanghai project with Martin Cowley, then the global director of foodservice at Disney. He has since joined the Ricca team to serve as executive director, design and technical support. The path to becoming the first LEED-accredited foodservice consultant with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) began in the early 2000s and quickly expanded through a chance meet- ing with Don Fisher during a MUFSO conference. At the time, he was principal of Fisher-Nickel and was in the process of growing the Food Service Technology Center in San Ramon, Calif., and she had just spoken on a panel for the USGBC. The fateful meeting proved a learning session for both — Seelye had reached out to Fisher to learn more about his work in energy-efficiency testing, and Fisher needed to learn more about consultants and their work. "I'll never forget, one of the first things Don said to me was, 'What's a foodservice consultant?' '' recalls Seelye. That was nearly 20 years ago. Little did they realize, the meeting would not only impact each of their professional lives but also the foodser- vice industry as a whole. This was far before terms such as "sustainability" and "green" became commonplace. After approaching the FCSI board about Fisher, Seelye and Fisher wrote a white paper on ventilation together. That was the start of many joint presentations and panels, educating operators, architects and other con- sultants about the role of foodservice professionals in LEED projects and energy-use planning. Their influences gave credit to the value of energy-efficient foodservice equipment. Fisher's efforts simultaneously supported the growth of the Energy Star program and its standards, while Seelye began work with the Department of Energy. She was soon invited to join the National Renewal Energy Lab's leadership team. Seelye's involvement in the USGBC and sustainability communities culmi- nated in another accomplishment of which she remains very proud: publish- ing the NACUFS and Healthcare Food and Nutrition Services Sustainability Guides with Peg Rodger, FCSI, RD. The extensively researched guides provide important tools operators can use to create sustainability programs involving energy, water and waste management. This came after Seelye established Ricca e2, a division of Ricca Memorable Projects The Broadmoor Hotel Colorado Springs, Colo. Time frame: 1990s and 2000s Summary: Seelye led the design team for mul- tiple signature restaurants at this five-star resort. Harvard University Cambridge, Mass. Time frame: 1990s and 2000s Summary: Seelye collaborated with Ted Mayer, the foodservice director on multiple residential and retail dining facilities, and Lenny Condenzio, then Harvard's assistant director, now a partner and COO at Ricca Design Studios. Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas Time frame: 1980s to 2018 Summary: Working with KSU Dining's Senior Director and IFMA Silver Plate winner John Pence and IFMA Gold Plate winner Dr. Mary Molt, these residential and retail dining proj- ects have created transformative experiences for KSU students. This project was named FE&S' Facility Design Project of the Month, June 2017. Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine La Jolla, Calif. Year completed: 1981 Summary: An introduction to a career-long venture with Tom Ricca designing hotels, resorts and non-commercial facilities. Ricca is an FE&S Hall of Fame recipient and Seelye's partner. Disney Shanghai Shanghai Year completed: 2016 Summary: A collaboration with Martin Cowley, an FE&S Hall of Fame recipient, on the development of the hotels and park res- taurants. He is now part the Ricca staff and is a lifelong friend of Seelye. "I went to every seminar I could throughout the years where she was a panelist, as I knew I would take away something new. I could count on her insights and polish and to learn about cutting-edge information as it was unfolding. She looked like someone I did not see a lot of in the foodservice equipment circles of the '80s and '90s, and that gave me hope of where my career could head." — Beth Kuczera, Equipment Dynamics Inc. K AT H L E E N S E E LY E A Good Life

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