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MAR 2018

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● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 70 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • MARCH 2018 According to Park, this shift gives guests a full view of the kitchen and Garbanzo's menu offering while waiting in line. Providing such a sneak peek can be especially valuable when you're serving food that many guests aren't familiar with. "It's subtle, but a very important change in perspective, especially if you're teaching somebody something brand new. They need to see what others are ordering and it gives them ample time to decompress and really digest — no pun intended — what's happening in front of them," says Park. Garbanzo made other changes to better showcase its food, too. In the ordering line, the food shields are tilted slightly toward the food. While still fully protecting the ingredients, this allows guests to lean in a bit to get a closer look at the offerings. And, as mentioned, the chain has moved all its prep work to the front of the house, creating a completely exposed kitchen. Out in the Open The chain's new kitchen starts with the pita station, which has nearby benches that allow guests to watch staff make the bread. The station sits behind a glass wall; equipment includes a sheeter, a dough press and a floor mixer, along with various smallwares. The on-demand-baking design means staff only bake bread when guest walk in the door. A pita oven serves as the workhorse to enable on-demand strategy. The oven can cook a pita in just 60 seconds. This unit, which Park says has only been on the market for a few months, has four hot spots along with a rotating cooking sur- face, which sits half-in and half-out of the cooking chamber. The surface itself has a separate heating element that helps cook the pitas. "You can easily lay down the dough and in one revolution cook the dough." After passing the pita station, guests work with a team member to assemble their order. Garbanzo follows a co-cre- ation model: Diners select one of four main menu options, including salad, wrap, pita and plate, then walk down the line picking out exactly what they want in their meal. A cold table marks the first stop in the ordering process. It holds multiple types of hummus in one-third-sized sheet pans, with extra hummus stored below. Next comes the falafel dump station. This section holds falafels fried on the restaurant's nearby hot line. The station itself utilizes a dump common to fried chicken restaurants. This piece, says Park, blows hot air horizontally across the falafels, keeping them warm and crisp. After the falafel dump comes another cold table, which displays vegetables including tabbouleh, red cabbage and cucumber, with backups held in refrigerators below. Following the veggies, the protein table holds grilled chicken and grilled steak. Instead of using standard sheet pans in a hot table, Park displays these items in custom-made round pans measuring 9 inches across. These pieces better showcase the food and allow staffers to scoop out proteins more quickly and easily. By concentrating the food in a few spots on the table, the ● Chain Headquarters: Denver ● Year Founded: 2008 ● Signature Menu Items: Scratch-made signature pita, hummus and falafel ● Number of Units: 26 ● Unit Size (prototype): 1,800 total square feet (70 percent FOH, 30 percent BOH) ● Seats per Unit (prototype): 50+ ● Location Type: End cap ● Average Sales: $1.2 million ● Unit Growth Projections: 10 in 2018, 20+ in 2019 and beyond ● Check Average: $11.03 ● Equipment Package Cost: $100,000 FACTS OF NOTE Top: A new high-speed oven can cook a pita from raw dough in just one minute. Bottom: To show off the freshness of its food, Garbanzo put its pita-making station on display behind a glass shield.

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