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MAR 2018

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MARCH 2018 • SPONSORED CONTENT • 41 Q: What are common issues operators face while setting up self-service coffee stations? Joe Krawczyk: Creating an inviting self-service beverage station with great tasting coffee can be challenging. Fluctuating traffic over long periods of time can cause quality issues such as cold coffee from burnt out fuel cans or burnt tasting coffee from overheating with fuel or electricity. They also run the risk of fires due to unattended fuel cans. Q: What latest technologies help resolve some of these issues? JK: Vacuum insulation removes the external heat source altogether. This ensures the last cup of coffee poured is just as hot and just as tasty as the first. The Flame Free™ Thermo-Urn™ from Service Ideas keeps coffee hot for over six hours without the use of electricity or fuel. Combine this technology with a beautiful design for a flawless coffee station. Q: What should operators consider when purchasing an urn? JK: Foodservice operators should consider the overall cost of running a standard coffee urn. The amount of money spent over time on electricity and/or fuel cans greatly exceeds the investment in a quality vac- uum insulated urn from Service Ideas. Q: Are there considerations when it comes to aesthetics? JK: Different types of foodservice operators may consider different aes- thetics for their urns. While a high-end casino or hotel might desire a high-pol- ished finish to match their decor, a convention center with high traffic might prefer a brushed finish to disguise fingerprints. Both stainless finishes are available in 1.5-, 3- and 5-gallon capaci- ties. There are also black and white powder coated finishes available in the 3-gallon size for those looking for a unique look. NEW! BLACK & WHITE POWDER COATED URNS Our innovative Flame Free™ Thermo- Urns™ are now available in black and white. Same high-quality vacuum as our original Thermo-Urns, now with a durable black and white powder coated exterior. Currently available for the 3-gallon size only. Original polished and brushed finishes available in 1.5-, 3- and 5-gallons. 1.800.328.4493 FLAME FREE TM THERMO-URN TM THE ORIGINAL Spigot 3 Gallon Black 3 Gallon White Get the Most Out of Your Coffee Service The vacuum insulated Flame Free™ Thermo- Urn™ from Service Ideas allows your customer's coffee to taste fresh until the last cup is poured. A Q&A with Joe Krawczyk, VP of Sales, Service Ideas, Inc.

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