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FEBRUARY 2018 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 75 during summer, holidays and winter and spring breaks as needed. The dish room had to be accessible under those conditions. That's why it is centrally located." A grinder replaces a traditional pulper in the warewashing area and allows collection of disposable waste. "The grinder pushes the food horizontally through the grind chamber in a screw-type fashion rather than vertically through spinning blades that can chip and wear," Pellegrino says. "Another one of our biggest challenges was locating the exhaust hoods' exhaust five stories above the dining facility to prevent exhaust from going into the residence hall rooms," Pellegrino says. Campus Dining Services may add a green roof to The Restaurants at Southwest. The facility contains many energy-saving features and is also undergoing the LEED certification process. As Kiehn looks back at the project highlights, she calls attention to the high performance of the project team. "We have been renovating operations and opening new facilities since the early 1990s, and we finally got it right," Kiehn says. "The development process we used for this project worked — and worked very well. It was our best to date." Since opening, traffic counts at The Restaurants at Southwest remain consistently strong. Customer comments are positive. And staff pride has never been higher, which is the strongest definition of success. FE&S Eric Cartwright, executive chef, Campus Dining Services, University of Missouri. Cartwright became executive chef in 2006. His primary responsibilities include menu and concept development, product selection and staff training. Previously he worked in university catering and fine dining restaurants. Julaine Kiehn, RD, director, Campus Dining Services, University of Missouri. Kiehn has been the director since September 1993. Her primary responsibilities span all department operations (six residential dining facilities, three convenience stores, eight restaurants/cafes, three coffeehouses and the University Club/University Catering, as well as all support areas). Nancy Monteer, associate director, Campus Dining Services, University of Missouri. Monteer has been the associate director since 2013 and is responsible for all operations, including residential, retail, convenience stores, university club, and catering. Previously, Monteer was a manager in Campus Dining Services and in healthcare settings. Magda Mello, manager, The Restaurants at Southwest, Campus Dining Services, University of Missouri. Mello has been a manager with Campus Dining Services since 2003, after her promotion from assistant manager. She is responsible for the operation of the six restaurants at The Restaurants at Southwest and has previous experience in restaurant management and as a nutritionist. Sara L. Koester, AIA, principal, KWK Architects. Koester is a founding principal at KWK Architects. A versatile architect with 30 years of design and construction experience, her focus has been on student life, managing complex, multiphase projects for universities across the Midwest, including the Dobbs residence hall and dining project at the University of Missouri. Terry Pellegrino, principal, Rippe Associates. Pellegrino has spent the past 30 years planning commercial kitchens and dining facilities for clients ranging from universities to schools and correctional facilities to corporations. Other projects include the newest student center at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse; University of Iowa's Catlett Hall; and Downs Hall at the University of Kansas. Paul Wuennenberg, AIA, LEED AP, principal, KWK Architects. With more than 20 years of experience in the design of student housing, Wuennenberg has devoted much of his professional life to designing high-quality student communities. He has a passion for research and development of new concepts in residence hall design. MEET THE PLAYERS The Campus Dining Services project planning/ implementation group. Back row: Tod Fudge, facilities manager; Mike Wuest, marketing manager; Julaine Kiehn, director; Eric Cartwright, executive chef; Jeff Lee, assistant manager; Clint Eastin, sous chef. Front row: Nancy Monteer, associate director; Magda Mello, manager; Wenbo Zhao, assistant manager; Mari Jean Vance, assistant manager; Casey Wendleton, graphic/interior designer.

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