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62 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • FEBRUARY 2018 TEREMOK HOPES HOME COOKING HAS NO BORDERS A cuisine from another country isn't necessarily foreign. Huge swaths of the world rely on the same basic ingredients: chicken, pork, potatoes, mush- rooms, and cheese. All serve as staple foods in dozens of countries. The combinations, cooking methods and seasonings may differ, but the flavors are generally familiar, even comforting, to someone trying a dish with these ingredients in a different country. Moscow-based Teremok counts on this familiarity as it expands to New York — its first move outside of Russia. Teremok specializes in Russian-style home cooking with recipes developed by the mother of chain founder Mikhail Goncharov. The star of this menu: blinies, thin crepe-like pancakes with fillings both savory (e.g., ham and Swiss; lox, cream cheese and sour cream) and sweet (dark chocolate, creamed honey with pine nuts). Other menu items include Russian-style soups like borscht and chicken meatball with noodle; and kasha, an organic buckwheat dish served with meat, fish or mushrooms; along with salads and desserts. "Many people that visit Teremok, even if they're not familiar with Russian cuisine, they know this is a homemade menu. They're good flavors, they're bold favors, but they're Russian chain banks on quality ingredients and familiar flavors as it moves into New York City. By Toby Weber

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