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JAN 2018

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Floorplan JANUARY 2018 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 73 Gourmet Sandwiches/ Prepared Foods 37 9b 8i 8j 38 1k 38 45 4c 1e 41 38 1e 38 1g 1L 40 14 39 8a 9a 8j 9b 43 42 4b 40 44 1j 44 9a 2g 2g 3a 3a 2g 1h 2a 35 37 34 36 38 1g 9b 31 30 9a 8h 29 28 19 5d 26 1f 25 1i 24 8f 8e 2c 5c 2a 2e 8d 5a 8a 11 12 13 14 16 17 2a 23 22 21 20 8g 19 8h 2a 1e 2a 18 15 10 8b 2d 8c 5a 5b 2b 1b 4a 1a 1d 2a 1c 1d 1b 1a 7 7 7 7 2 2 1 5 4 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 2 2 9 7 7 2 8 2 7 3 6 4 21a 34b 34b 34b 21c 17c 21g 26b 21f 26b 24a 21d 32b 17b 34a 17c 34b 21h 34d 34c 26b 21c 21L 17c 21m 16a 34a 26a 17b 21e 17a 23b 23a 21c 22a 21n 23b 17a 26b 23a 21i 10a Grab + Go 33 8h 9b 9a 2f 20 32 27 1e 23 3a 5d 3a 38 9b 9a 8i 5d 26a 26a 27a 17a 21b 39d 45b 45a 21k 39c 17a 39d 39a 21j 39b Candy/Fruit/ Nuts POS Coffee/Wine Bar Charcuterie Wine Seating Seating Grab + Go Salads Bakery Back of the House Walk-in cooler, shelving units, flexible cooler curtain and dunnage rack Equipment Key 1. Walk-in cooler 1a. Remote compressor 1b. Flexible cooler curtain 1c. Walk-in freezer 1d. Blower coil 1e. Undercounter refrigerator 1f. Undercounter freezer 1g. Mega-top refrigerator 1h. Freezer merchandiser 1i. Refrigerated merchandiser 1j. Cold brew/kombucha cooler 1k. Ice drawer il. Back bar cooler 2. Storage shelving unit 2a. Wall-mount shelf 2b. Glass rack shelf 2c. Dish table undershelf 2d. Wall-mount pot shelf 2e. Utility shelf 2f. Tubular wall-mount shelf 2g. Wine shelves 3. Air curtain 3a. Refrigerated air screen 4. Mobile pan rack 4a Dunnage rack 4b. Syrup rack 4c. Wine glass rack 5. Prep table w/sink 5a. Worktable 5b. Soiled dish table 5c. Clean dish table 5d. Refrigerated prep table 6. Wall-mount cabinet in storage 7. Trash receptacle 8. Prerinse sink w/add-on faucet 8a. Pedestal base hand sink 8b. Prerinse faucet 8c. Splash-mount faucet 8d. Three-compartment sink 8e. Mop sink 8f. Service faucet 8g. Hand sink w/built-in soap and towel dispenser 8h. Deck-mount faucet 8i. Drop-in hand sink 8j. Drop-in dump sink w/faucet 9. Soap and towel dispenser 9a. Drop-in soap dispenser 9b. Drop-in towel dispenser 10. High temp, ventless dishwasher 10a. Undercounter warewasher 11. Floor trough 12. Ice bin 13. Ice maker 14. Water filter 15. Water heater 16. Office chair 16a. Bar stool 17. Computer/POS 17a. POS printer 17b. POS system w/ cash drawer and scale 17c. POS system w/ cash drawer 18. Desk 19. S/s wall flashing 20. Double convection oven 21. L-shaped prep counter w/ sink 21a. L-shaped bakery prep counter 21b. Prep counter w/ sink and hand sink 21c. Work counter 21d. Chef counter w/ hand sink 21e. Soup/sandwich counter 21f. Prep counter 21g. Salad counter w/ pan drop-in 21h. POS counter 21i. Back bar counter 21j. Beverage work counter 21k. L-shaped beverage counter 21l. Island counter 21m. Condiment counter 21n. To-go counter 22. Two-burner countertop range 22a. Eight-burner range 23. High-speed microwave oven 23a. High-speed oven 23b. Conveyor toaster 24. 20-qt. mixer 24a. Mixer stand 25. Ingredient bins 26. Toaster display cabinet 26a. Wall-mount cabinet 26b. Wall cabinet 27. Fryer battery w/ filter 27a. Fryer shield 28. Refrigerated equipment stand 29. Charbroiler 30. Griddle 31. Fire suppression system 32. Slicer 32a. Prosciutto slicer 33. Heat lamp 34. Bread display case 34a. Refrigerated display case w/ POS mount 34b. Ambient display case 34c. Built-in refrigerated full-service display case 34d. Built-in refrigerated self-service display case 35. Butcher paper roll 36. Drop-in soup warmer & control panel 37. Food shield 38. Cup dispenser 39. Coffee brewer/dispenser 39a. Tea brewer/dispenser 39b. Tea dispenser 39c. Espresso machine 39d. Air pot 40. Coffee grinder 41. Blender 42. Drop-in dipperwell 43. Mobile ice cart 44. Drip pan 45. Beer dispensing tower 45a. Cold brew/kombucha dispensing tower 45b. Wine dispensing tower Caviar & Bananas Floorplan

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