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JAN 2018

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66 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • JANUARY 2018 chain profile ready-to-eat lettuce or sliced carrots and bell peppers, for instance, the chain receives these vegetables whole and does the cleaning and cutting in its own prep area. "One way we [inspire healthy communities] is that fresh food naturally tastes better," Lee says. "We're providing an excellent experience and great-tasting food." Over the past few years, though, Lee has noticed more and more chains touting that they, too, do all the slicing, dicing, cut- ting and chopping in their own kitchens. He also noticed that customers can't see this for themselves. The work takes place in the back of the house, out of sight of the guests. This led directly to the creation of a new Coolgreens pro- totype, the chain's seventh overall store. Staff at this Norman, Okla., location execute nearly all prep work in the front of the house, in full view of the customers. Because the back of the house now handles only a few functions, it now measures only 200 square feet. All Up Front Coolgreens' commitment to radical transparency is even more radical than it sounds. Not only does the company execute prep up front, it also provides guests a full view of the walk-in cooler. Customers see the cooler soon after they enter the store. They walk in, turn to the right and find three reach-in style glass doors that give them a full view of the walk-in. Two of these doors remain locked; behind them, Coolgreens-brand- ed wooden cartons filled with fresh produce line the shelves. The restaurant's light green and blue color palette help create a relaxing, yet energetic, space. The veining on its polymer chairs re- semble lettuce leaves under a microscope, says CEO Robert Lee. Coolgreens' prep line, along the back wall in the front of the house, showcases the fresh- ness of the food served on the production line.

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