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JAN 2018

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JANUARY 2018 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 59 Both designers agree that, beyond evaluating menu and volume potential of the foodservice operation, no clearly defined formula exists for determining the required amount of space for storage. Every situation and facility differ. But what is common, they say, is underestimating the need for storage. Richards, who works with a lot of school accounts, notes that architects often drive the program spaces in many larger projects. Unfortunately, architects usually do not interact with the foodservice staff. He emphasizes that what works for one facility or one district doesn't necessarily fit the needs of another, whose student population, menu and operations may be quite different. "If it's a school or other large facility that does batch cooking from raw products, for instance, the items go from refrigerated storage to prep to production to serving line," Richards says. "They may not require as much refrigerated storage space as an operation that requires refrigerated stor- age of raw foods that go to prep and then to cook-chill. In the latter case, they may be cooking an entire week's worth of food, blast chilling it and putting it back into cold storage. In that case, they need space not only for the raw product, but additional space for the prepped and parcooked food that will later get pulled out and rethermalized. So it really depends on the operation of the kitchen." Receiving Door/Flow Dry Storage Storage Dry Storage Walk-in Cooler Walk-in Freezer A recent school kitchen redesign by consultant Jerry Weinberg illustrates the ideal flow of product from receiving door through strategically placed dry, refrigerated and frozen storage areas. Illustration courtesy of Thompson & Little Inc.

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