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JAN 2018

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36 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • JANUARY 2018 have some positive reasons to shrink their footprints, too. It's easier to generate revenue to cover lower rent. Operators that plan well can function successfully with fewer staff. Build-out costs are less. Operators who remain on target with the guest experience have fewer empty seats than in a large operation. These factors combine to equal greater prof- itability. Designing and equipping a smaller space to provide guests with the opti- mal dining experience remains a chal- lenge, though. Each stage of planning, from concept to opening day, has its own set of conditions to which atten- tion must be paid. WHAT THE PROCESS INVOLVES Reasons to open restaurants in smaller spaces run the gamut. It may be an opera- tor's first restaurant or they may have an existing operation they want to downsize. Whatever the circumstance, following a set process ensures the maximum use of minimum square footage. Designing and equipping a smaller space should follow a logical progres- sion. Michael Salvatore, a consultant with foodservice consultancy Ruck- Shockey Associates, puts it this way: First is the con- cept. Menu follows concept. Equipment follows menu. Design follows equipment. Operators that can't explain the concept in one sentence are not ready to proceed, Salvatore says. "If it takes a paragraph to explain what he's trying to accomplish, I say go back to the draw- ing board." With a clear vision for the concept, every decision follows easily. Especially in a smaller space, decisions should be made rationally, not emo- tionally, he says. MINIMUM MAXIMIZING THE A main goal in the design of A la Mode Pies cafe in Seattle was to use one piece of equipment to bake pies in numerous ways, such as both sweet and savory options. Photo courtesy of Dynamik Space.

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