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JAN 2018

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KRISTI BYLER National Accounts Manager Equipment Preference Inc. Southlake, Texas ◆ Rep ◆ Years in Foodservice: 11 ◆ Spends her free time with her family at their ranch, hunting, fishing and raising cattle. FE&S: What changes have you been involved with in the past year? KB: Our lines are constantly changing and expanding as the industry evolves and changes. We have a lot of equipment that can do everything, but at the same time, especially on the chain side, everyone wants something custom and unique. Chains want to be first to market and claim ownership. FE&S: What current problem are you trying to solve? KB: Holding food is a really big one right now. I am working with several chains that want the ability to hold fresh product without the customer knowing it's been held — that would improve speed of service. For example, an operation might want to hold chicken that has already been grilled, then slice it in front of customers to give that impression of fresh. I'm also working a lot on flow matrix issues right now, how to use the same person in the kitchen for multiple re- sources. There is a need to create something modular to save costs on labor and equipment. FE&S: Share a lesson you've learned from your career. KB: I learned early on to observe everything. It's one of my secrets. I visit the op- eration and learn all that I can so I can then talk to the end user at their level. You'll find a lot of neat things that way and can brainstorm and understand when talking about an item. For example, if I tried a quesadilla and the cheese wasn't cooked all the way through. Those conversations open the door to other applications. CHRISTINA COLLINS Vice President of Operations Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Perrysburg, Ohio ◆ Dealer ◆ Years in Foodservice: 5 ◆ Industry Involvement: FEDA, CPG and and XYZ Buying Groups ◆ Spends her free time attending her two sons' baseball games and catching major league baseball games during the kid's travel tournament weekends. FE&S: What's the best career advice you've been given? CC: Coming from a Lean Six Sigma culture taught me to never stop asking why. Asking why gets you to the root of any issue, helps you under- stand the perspective of your team, keeps the team focused on the same objective, and creates a culture that values understanding the big picture. FE&S: What's your proudest professional accomplishment? CC: Working in operations as a career means that a lot of my focus is on efficiency. During my time at a Fortune 500 company, I earned my Six Sigma Green Belt by working on a tough project. We had declining revenues, but were tasked with finding a million dollars in profit improvement. We worked diligently for 10 months to analyze workflows, identify process gaps, find the processes that don't add value, add new process steps, and to implement sustainable process improvements. My team's improvements led to profit improve- ment of $1.1 million. This project won the Supplier of the Year award from a top client and global corporate recognition. FE&S: What changes have you been involved with in the past year? CC: Over the last few years we have been transforming our organization. This past year we spent our first full year in our new facility. We have strengthened cross-team collaboration and our management of internal commitments. With those improve- ments as our foundation, we launched our ERP [enterprise re- source planning] implementation team in April and had a stress- ful, yet successful, cutover to our new ERP system on October 1. It's been a year of massive change, great improvements and I've been blessed to help lead these changes alongside a great team. FUTURE FOODSERVICE LEADERS 20 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • JANUARY 2018

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