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JAN 2018

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JANUARY 2018 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 19 JAMIE ARGUELLO President Grady's Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Pueblo, Colo. ◆ Dealer ◆ Years in Foodservice: 6 ◆ Industry Involvement: SEFA, FEDA ◆ Spends her free time with her children, Hope, Elle and Charlotte, and her husband Brian. FE&S: What attracted you to the industry? JA: Debt. I owed my father money, so I went to work for him at the family-owned dealership. I started in sales. Through that struggle, I realized the abundance of opportunity in the industry. I paid him back and now he cannot get rid of me. FE&S: What makes you want to stay in the industry? JA: SEFA, specifically Tedde Reid and Chris Perrotte. Their entrepreneurial spirit and leadership are infectious. I was hooked after my first SEFA national sales conference; the members were so passionate and willing to help others, I knew I was in the right spot. FE&S: What's your proudest professional accomplishment? JA: Earning my first $25,000 in sales. It was so hard; I made so many mistakes. I am so proud of myself that I did not give up. I forced myself to get over my fear of failure and found the courage to embrace my weakness and use it to help oth- ers realize how to not allow fear to control their lives. FE&S: What is the best career advice you've been given? JA: My father, Paul Gradishar, gave me some advice long be- fore my career began. He taught me that I can do anything, as long as I believe I can. He taught me how to manifest my dreams through action, commitment and intention. And never give up. Thanks, dad. LEISA BRYANT, MA, RDN, LD Director The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston ◆ Healthcare Foodservice Operator ◆ Years in Foodservice: 20+ ◆ Industry Involvement: AHF ◆ Spends her free time pursuing an MBA at the Marilyn Davis College of Business — University of Houston FE&S: What attracted you to the industry? LB: I grew up in a farming community in Jamaica and when a neighbor or family member got sick everyone visited and brought with them the best meal they could afford. This taught me that food was medicine, so I was intent on becoming a dietitian. While working as a registered dietitian, I realized I could do more, and I branched out to the operational side and fell in love. Now, my daily joy is to make a difference serving fresh and healthy meals to our patients, guests and customers. FE&S: What inspires you? LB: People who genuinely care inspire me, whether that is the CEO, the pot washer or the homeless man on the corner. I believe in caring, doing the right thing, and stopping at nothing to make a positive impact. FE&S: What's your proudest professional accomplishment? LB: My proudest accom- plishment was when I led a team of hardworking professionals, partners and stakeholders in building a food and nutrition program from scratch. I was promoted into the position and put the program together after 10 years of contract management. I led with a positive mindset, showing the team that our mistakes will be opportunities for learning. I focused on a collaborative approach where everyone felt valued and I had no shame in saying 'I do not know.' My success came with leveraging the skills, knowledge and experience of the team, internal and external stakeholders, and especially members of my organization, the Association for Healthcare Foodservice.

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