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78 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • SEPTEMBER 2017 EVERYTABLE Bringing Healthy, Affordable Meals to Food Deserts and Beyond I nner-city low-income neighborhoods notori- ously lack healthful, accessible and affordable food options. C-stores and fast-food chains are often the only choices in these so- called food deserts, and that's a scenario that Sam Polk, a former Wall Street trader, and David Foster, a former private-equity exec, set out to change with Everytable. Launched last July in South Los Angeles, Everytable brings a healthy, grab-and-go restaurant/ retail hybrid built around chef-developed foods to underserved neighborhoods at prices competitive with fast food. Polk and Foster had been working together at the educational health and wellness nonprofit Grocery- ships, launched by Polk in 2013. Since opening that first Everytable store last year, the duo has opened additional California units in down- town Los Angeles, Baldwin Hills and Santa Monica. A fifth unit is in development in Century City and the company plans to add more locations for 2018. "Through Groceryships we were working in South LA, where per capita income is $13,000 a year and life expectancy is 10 years lower than in more affluent areas. Food-related health issues there are off the charts," Polk says. "We kept hearing from parents that the produce we were bringing in and the cooking and nutrition educa- tion were great. But for single moms with four kids, two jobs and two-thirds of their month- ly income going to pay the rent, what they really needed was something fast, affordable EVERYTABLE SNAPSHOT HQ: Los Angeles Concept: Wholesome, affordable grab-and-go Founded: 2015 No. of Units: 4 Ownership: Founders Sam Polk and David Foster, private investors Franchising: No Services: Lunch, dinner, takeout Average Unit Size: 500 - 700 square feet Average Check: $6 - $10 Average Unit Cost: $200,000 - $250,000 Mission-Critical Equipment: Refrigerated storage, refriger- ated display cases, immersion circulation equipment, heavy- duty food processors, ovens, ranges, microwaves Everytable's grab-and-go restaurant/ retail hybrid brings healthy, chef- developed foods to underserved neighborhoods at prices competitive with fast food. Photos courtesy of Everytable 7 EMERGING CHAINS

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