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took a part-time job in Rapids' ware- house. By that time, his career Plan A — to own and operate a marina and boat repair business — had begun to fade as the reality of the investment and work required to make it happen sunk in. Luckily, a Plan B was already per- colating. Green had discovered that he liked the environment and the people at Rapids, especially its leadership, and decided to accept Schmitt's offer of a full-time position. His strong work ethic, mechanical skills and problem- solving abilities soon had Green mov- ing up to a position on the install team, which he later led. As Rapids' contract business grew, the company shifted its model to outsource most installations. Green, in turn, shifted to providing field support and was ultimately offered a new posi- tion as project coordinator. In 2011, Schmitt suggested he give sales a try. "Luke is the kind of guy who will master something and then be ready to move on to a new challenge," Schmitt says. "He gets it — he understands that moving up takes hard work and that there's reward in doing so. He kept progressing and was always looking to make more money, so I asked him to think about sales. He scoffed at the idea at first, like it was a dirty word, but he liked the notion of being able to be more in control of his own destiny. The transition into sales really was work for him — I honestly worried we might lose him in the first six to nine months — but he's made it work in his own unique way. He's so focused on helping people and has become a go-to guy for our entire sales force. He still shies away a bit because he hates to seem 'salesy,' but he's young, he's coachable and he's a very good listener. He's had a couple of very good years back-to-back, and he'll have another very good year this year." Shadowing Vice President of Sales Jim Ottmer, who became an important mentor, Green spent the first couple of years figuring out how to apply his strengths and shore up his weaknesses. His experience in installations and field support gave him the confidence and skills he needed to talk with customers, evaluate their needs and determine the right solutions for them. But when it came to some aspects of a salesperson's job, such as closing, Green admits he had "zero idea" what he was doing. PATIENCE AND FORTITUDE "I never realized just how long it can take to work through the entire sales process and how tough it can be to just get someone to sign on the dotted line," Green says. "Closing is still pretty hard for me, but it's getting easier because I've learned to focus on the customer's With Master-Bilt , PREP aration has never been easier! Both the Fusion ™ and Endura ™ Series feature a wide variety of sizes to fit your particular workspace needs. With either series, you get a consistent cold surrounded by a very durable construction. ENDURA ™ Series Prep Units » Separate temperature controls for pan well and storage areas for consistent quality ingredients » Units may be enclosed on three sides to fit tight workspaces » Sizes range up to four doors 800.647.1284 | FUSION ™ Series Prep Units » Standard sandwich/salad prep units, megatop units and pizza prep units available » Enclosed drop-in section keeps ingredients fresh longer » Locking pan adapter bars allow mixed pan sizes to fit menu requirements *Overshelves and Drawers optional

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