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Switch to low-flow spray valves and save time, water, energy and labor Choose the right flow restrictor to save water with any faucet Conserve up to 4.75 GPMs with a 0.25 GPM dipperwell That's why you can trust T&S to help conserve both natural and financial resources. Today's green building projects require products that last longer, use less and conserve more. From low-flow pre-rinse spray valves and electronic sensor faucets to aerators, cartridges and more, you can count on T&S for reliable, low-flow plumbing solutions, all manufactured responsibly. Because it's not just about how well it works — it's about how well it's made. When it comes to sustainability, water and energy conservation is just the start. Learn more about the big picture at today. Low-flow products from T&S Brass can help earn points in multiple categories toward LEED certification. Conserve up to one gallon of water per hand wash with sensor faucets SUSTAINABILITY. WE KNOW

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