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Mitch Marcotte, who set up this demonstration, to make his case for the combi oven. Product Demo While long popular in Europe, the combi oven is less well- known in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency has a savings calculator on its website for Energy Star-certified commercial kitchen equipment. It's a spreadsheet where a purchaser can input type of equipment, fuel used and location. The spread- sheet calculates savings achieved by purchasing an Energy Star model compared to a non-Energy Star piece of equipment. This allows an informed, cost-effective decision by equip- ment type and brand name. Energy Star rates both gas and electric combi ovens. The upfront costs of Energy Star-rated equipment can be reduced for businesses participating in a utility conservation program. In many cases the savings, says Marcotte, can make a payback period of two years. As with most technological advances, the price of com- puter-aided technology is getting lower over time and is be- coming comparable to the price of traditional options. Mar- cotte added that there are efficiencies to the combi oven that are not captured by the Btu or kWh measurements. Cooking times are up to 30 percent faster. Controls can be set ahead of time for standard menu items or changed to manual control for something new. The oven recalibrates when necessary. For example, if someone opens the unit and that lowers the temperature, the unit will adjust the temperature accordingly to maintain cooking consistency. Safety is enhanced as the time, energy and risk of transfer- ring boiling pots of water is reduced as pasta can be cooked on steamer mode. No need to rotate burning hot trays with resulting forearm burns as the heating elements are even throughout. Fewer pots and pans are used, reducing cleaning and water use. The atmosphere in the kitchen improves with less heat, less steam and fewer trips between appliances. The test kitchen demonstration ended with a dial show- ing that the oven was dirty and needed cleaning. Yes, we had caught on to that much all on our own. The required cleaning pods were dropped in, similar to the home dishwasher version, and Pantelakos turned the combi oven dial to one of seven lev- els of cleaning power. No fumes, no scrubbing, efficient water use and no person required for the three-hour deep clean. "I can turn it on and go home," Haymer said, sighing deeply and seemingly sold on the idea from that feature alone. CUTLERY | TOOLS | SHARPENING PLATING | STORAGE | APPAREL 800.221.5202 | MERCERCULINARY.COM CHEFCENTRIC. THE FOCUS IS YOU.

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