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SEPTEMBER 2017 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 111 A dding extra ketchup or mustard to bad food is a tried and true practice. Those ingredients can make low quality perfectly edible. The corollary, then, is that high-quality food doesn't need a lot of extras. It should be left alone so that diners can truly appreci- ate what they've been given. That's the approach taken by Roka Akor, a Japanese steak, seafood and sushi fine-dining establishment that opened a res- taurant this past summer in Houston, its fifth overall location. Owned by JNK Concepts out of Phoenix, Roka Akor was founded by Dr. Johh N. Kapoor, a pharmaceutical entrepreneur with a net worth of $2.1 billion, according to According to JNK's Vice President of Development Sunny Mehra, Kapoor entered the restaurant business because of his love for dining — both the food and the experience. "Dr. Kapoor is very fond of food, of going out, of eating. He's well-traveled and has experienced many other cuisines and other countries. He wanted to do something where it's not just eating a dinner. [He wanted to] simplify everything." A few months after the company's founding in 2007, JNK opened the first Roka Akor in Scottsdale, Ariz. One restaurant ● Key Players: CEO & President Dr. John Kapoor; Corporate Executive Chef Ce Bian; Corporate Executive Sushi Chef Mike Lim; Financial Advisor Sunny Mehra ● Chain Headquarters: Scottsdale, Ariz. ● Year Founded: 2008 ● Signature Menu Items: Escolar Tataki with white aspara- gus and yuzu; Wagyu Filet Tartare with almond black truffle aioli, truffle caviar and quail egg; Robata Grilled Scallops with yuzu and wasabi; Wagyu Flat Iron (6 oz.) with maitake mushroom and egg yolk; Modern Style Nigiri; Yuzu Miso Marinated Black Cod wrapped in a Japanese magnolia leaf; Sweet Corn with butter and soy; Tiger Shrimp Tempura with wasabi pea dust and sweet chili aioli; Hamachi Serrano Chili Roll ● Number of Units: Five (Chicago; Skokie, Ill.; Scottsdale, Ariz.; San Francisco; and Houston) ROKA AKOR AT A GLANCE Like the sushi bar, guests can sit at the custom-made robata grill and watch chefs work. A panel with color-changing LEDs at the front of this station helps the restaurant set the atmosphere.

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