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People who serve, products that solve. ® ©2017 Hatco Corporation. All rights reserved. Design meets functionality THERE'S ONLY ONE #1 ™ : HATCO Designed to evenly surround pre-chilled food for superior freshness, Hatco's fully-insulated Refrigerated Drop-In Wells deliver best-in-class food displays in 1- to 6-pan confi gurations, with a 5% tilt option. For industry-leading holding and cooling equipment with a legacy of quality, durability and service, insist on Hatco. Find out what Hatco's full line of holding and cooling equipment can do for you. Visit or call 888.814.0029 Remote Refrigerated Drop-In Wells Combi Ovens, Sous Vide and Culinary Training Food production receives continuous review. This year, FNS added another combi oven to bring the total to five. "We use this equipment to produce better products and yields as well as reducing waste. We use combis instead of fryers for retail food and are exploring eliminating fried foods from patient menus," Gee says. Gee believes the introduction of a sous vide program in August will result in better yields, product control and waste reduction. The department purchased a vacuum chamber and three immersion circulators. "This cooking process will allow us to cook food with minimal fats and we can introduce flavorful products that will penetrate through meats and fish," he says. "We can monitor the cooking pro- cess so we are cooking at precise temperatures. In addition, we'll have guaranteed results with high-quality items with higher yields." Sous vide menu items include saffron- infused sea bass, thyme and truffle filet mignon, citrus salmon and burgundy short ribs. "The playground of menu items is at our disposal," Gee says. "We can produce up to 200 portions or more per meal period or event with this equipment. What's also great is the equipment is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliant, so it will track items from start to finish and we'll have our data logged so we know we are producing these menu items safely." He estimates using sous vide for up to 50 percent of the menu items. Insistence on enhancing menu quality also led to the rollout of the MSK Gold Star Chefs program this past May. The program simulates the skills training at The Culinary Institute of America, where Gee went to school, and is also inspired by the Black Hat Chefs of Rex Healthcare. "We're training cooks in foundational cooking techniques and how to use our high-tech equipment to achieve the best results, as well as training them about sustainable food and foodservice practices, using seasonal ingredients and cooking sous vide," Gee says. Each month, Gee trains two to four employees. Cooks detour from their regular jobs to immerse themselves in in- tensive training for three days and then continue that train- ing with weekly tutorials that review cooking techniques, recipes and equipment use. In the next several months, 50 culinarians will participate. FE&S

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