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104 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • SEPTEMBER 2017 2017 BEVERAGE SERIES Frozen Drinks Expand Varieties Frozen beverages move beyond the traditional slushy to frozen wine, frozen hot chocolate and any other frozen-themed creation someone dreams up. By Amelia Levin Frozen Cocktails Frozen drinks and cocktails are moving beyond those sticky, messy slushy machines of yesteryear and into new, more ef- ficient, automated and cleaner designs. Roofers Union in Washington, D.C., showcases two frozen cocktails on its rooftop drinks menu: a frozen Pimm's Cup and a frozen Hibiscus Margarita. Beverage Director and General Manager Dave Delaplaine combines all ingredients (Pimm's, water, gin, fresh cucumber juice, ginger syrup, sim- ple syrup and lemon juice for the Pimm's; and tequila, triple sec, lime juice, simple syrup and hibiscus tea for the Margari- ta), and puts each batch through a frozen drink machine. "It's critical to make these frozen drinks with some sort of water, so each drink is able to freeze properly and to the right consistency," Delaplaine says. "On a hot night, we can go through several batches of each type of frozen drink." At Puesto Mexican Street Food in San Diego, Beverage Director Lucien Conner combines its housemade frozen horchata with white rum and cinnamon for a boozy frozen dessert called the Puesto Horchata Loca. "Frozen beverage consistency is all about balancing sugar, alcohol content, and temperature," he says. "We use a com- mercial soft-serve machine to keep things frozen, creamy, and luxurious." B everage sales mean profits. But with so much fierce competi- tion in the foodservice arena, not just any beverage will do. Offering the right mix of beverage choices, from hot- and cold-brewed coffee to slushies and frozen drinks, cappuccinos, milkshakes and more, plus op- portunities for customization, are the keys to boosting the bottom line. Here's a quick look at some of the top frozen drinks selling right now, and the equipment necessary to produce them. Frozen Drink E&S • High-powered blenders • Specialty slushy and milkshake machines • Freezers • Traditional cocktail glasses • Tiki glasses • Insulated plastic cups Puesto Horchata Loca Photo couresty Puesto and Carmelle Pina

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