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MAY 2017

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82 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • MAY 2017 2017 BEVERAGE SERIES Cocktails Uncomplicated Proves the Latest Twist Driving Craft Cocktail Movement C raft cocktails are here to stay. Proven to have found a permanent spot on higher end bars and restaurants nation- wide, bartenders continue to explore new spirits, mixers, pairings and recipes that advance the craft cocktail move- ment. Not to mention, booze is where the business is at. "For many restaurants, the bar is more important to the bottom line than the food," says Josh Goldman, a master mixologist and founder of Soigné Group, a restaurant, cocktail and bar consultancy. "As far as margins go you're never going to find the margins you can on food as on beverage. Chefs are doing great things with food but diners also expect bartend- ers to keep wowing them and shocking them with new drinks, as long as it feels authentic to the space." Research and trends firm Andrew Freeman & Co. pointed out the grow- ing importance and need for bar and cocktail consultants in its 2017 trends report. "First we just had a guy or gal who made us a drink and tended the bar," the report states. "Then we had mixologists and our drinks took three hours. We even had a brief stint with bar chefs. Now we're back to bartend- ers, and this year saw the rise of the culinary consultant. These cocktail geniuses are taking bar programs and training of bar staff to a whole new level. Food is no longer the main or only attraction; the cocktail menu is a big draw and has a point of view as strong as what's coming out of the kitchen. Rock star consultants are By Amelia Levin Photo courtesy of Soigné Group

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