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APR 2017

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APRIL 2017 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 101 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h Renovation decreases student wait time while the new service line improves employee morale at this Marion, Iowa, high school. By Donna Boss Linn-Mar High School Remodel Improves Efficiency, Student Satisfaction P rior to the renovation of Linn-Mar High School's foodservice operation, students waited up to 25 minutes to move through the service line to get their meals — which left them with only 5 minutes in the half-hour lunch period to sit down and eat. Today, the wait time is only 7 to 10 minutes for each of the 1,600 students (400 students are served during each of 4 lunch shifts) who participate in the school lunch program. That gives the high schoolers 20 minutes to relax and enjoy their meals. The Linn-Mar project's servery renovation features insightful design that accommodates the physical flow of students and foodservice staff through the space and provides students with more menu choices. The kitchen renovation adds more powerful and efficient equipment to the back of Photo courtesy of Rapids Foodservice Contract and Design, photo by Paul Adams

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