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JAN 2014

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92 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • JANUARY 2014 products Anova Culinary LLC Immersion circulators are available for sous vide use. Since the bath won't exceed target temperature levels, the food will never exceed the desired doneness. The units are available in black, red and blue. The line includes a one-year warranty. Continental Refrigerator The company's base model sandwich units feature air fow distribution that helps keep products in pans at 33 degrees F to 41 de- grees F. Operators can choose to modify the placement of the pans. A refrigerated door compartment over the compressor allows for additional storage. Optional pan slides hold 18 by 26 inch sheet pans or 12 by 20 by 6 inch pans in drawers. Gus Products Drip Whiz is suitable for emulsion cooking. An automatic drip feature allows hands-free operation and uniform consistency. Features include a steady fow adjustable faucet and graduated internal quart markings for measurements. The unit is available in 8- and 12-quart sizes. Tomlinson Industries Stainless steel hairnet dispensers are wall- mounted to keep the disposable contents of counters and accessible. Constructed of stainless steel, the dispensers hold up to 100 hairnets. Trash-Ease A portable trash bag holder attaches to any table-like fat surface, allowing users to have a stable, large trash receptacle anywhere. The slim, lightweight and one-piece design allows operators to store and easily transport the trash bag holdery. Each holder comes packaged with two standard drawstring garbage bags in the same size as the model, which is available in either 13- or 33-gallon versions. Vollrath Co. The InstaBloom II onion cutter features a redesigned wider handle that reduces the unit's height, creating a more ergonomic two-handed operation. The new spring-load- ed handle also returns to the ready and safe position. The unit also features heavy-duty cast aluminum construction, sled-leg base design, and 24-cut precision-edged steel blades. Tomlinson Industries Anova Culinary LLC Vollrath Co. Continental Refrigerator Gus Products Trash-Ease

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