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JAN 2014

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JANUARY 2014 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 89 spec check ● ● "Walk-in refrigerator and freezer combinations are essential pieces of equipment, so durability, quality and effciency are prime considerations," Taunton says. Operators who seek to save money up front typically regret it, since more money will be spent in operational costs over the long-term. "This is a piece of equipment that will be around for years to come." Considering Features and Options Although walk-in refrigerator and freezer options vary by manufacturer, there are a num- ber that are worth considering. ● ● Interior and exterior ramps can be specifed for operations utilizing carts or equipment with wheels for easier access in and out of the walk-in. ● ● Electronic door open/temper- ature alarms may be neces- sary in high-volume opera- tions to ensure temperature consistency within the unit. ● ● Kick plates for doors and panels, along with heavy-duty or structural fooring and rail type wall protectors can provide increased durability. ● ● Shelving creates extra storage space and helps maximize the unit's height. ● ● Temperature monitoring and recording systems can help operators comply with HACCP guidelines. ● ● Evaporator control increases overall efciency as well as product life and overall maintenance costs. ● ● Motion detector lighting ensures that lights are not left on unnecessarily. ● ● Bluetooth connectivity alerts operators when appropriate temperatures are not being maintained. ● ● If it's necessary to see what's inside the walk-in or it is being utilized as a merchandiser in a retail setting, glass doors should be considered. ● ● Strip curtains are another option and can help keep out unwanted outside air.

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