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JAN 2014

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JANUARY 2014 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 69 Behind the Scenes "One of the convincing arguments we presented to admin- istrators for using a restaurant concept in a hospital was we can serve harried staff effectively within 30 minutes," says Poggas. "The menu items can all be prepared and cooked within 5 to 10 minutes. We will also allow staff to preorder their food for pickup at a specifed time." The operation's effciency begins at the loading dock where drivers off-load pallets that go into dry storage. Foodservice staff move products and place them on freezer shelves, in the long-term walk-in cooler or in the adjacent walk-in dairy cooler. At the far end of the cooler closest to the kitchen, staff open glass doors to access products. "The dry and refrigerated storage spaces were located towards the back of the department to allow product to be off-loaded faster and also to prevent staff and vendors from traversing product through the prep areas," says Rick Palmer, vice pres- ident of healthcare services at Inman Foodservices Group. "The refrigerated storage area has both an entrance door for receiving product and an exit door for product distribution/ daily usage," Palmer continues. "The glass doors on the dairy cooler replace what would have been an upright refrigerator so staff members don't have to stand inside the cooler wondering where to fnd their products. The whole system allows rotation of product and maintenance of maximum freshness." "We're using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible and changing the menu seasonally, so we had to have a sys- tem of delivery, storage and preparation that takes the seasonality into account," Skay says. Cold prep sits adjacent to both the storage areas and also the room service and bulk cooking areas. This creates the natural fow to both the servery and the room service assembly areas. In cold prep, staff use hand mixers to make salad dressings. In addition to production tables, this area contains a blast chiller for quickly cooling soups, salads, gelato and cooked products. In the bulk-cooking area, staff use four combi ovens to prepare a variety of menu items including short ribs, chicken, chips and hot pastrami that is cured in house. "We're also using the combis for frying peppers," Skay says. Culinary staff use the kettle for making soups and stocks; the steamer for blanching vegetables and making eggs for breakfast burritos; and the fattop for heating smaller quantities of soups and sauces. "I can't believe I was previously doing without the combis and a fattop," facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h Look to Alluserv for industry-leading expertise in meal delivery and state-of- the-art equipment. elitedelivery2 Elevating Meal Service Experiences with our comprehensive meal delivery systems and equipment. Together we can do it. MADE IN USA Elevate Meal Service... Your Elite Tray Delivery Cart Model #TC12-14 ● ● Owner: Centura Health ● ● Key Ofcers: Todd Folkenberg, CEO; Jeremy Pittman, CFO; and Mike Selvage, CNO ● ● Nutrition and Environmental Services Director for Park- er Adventist Hospital and Nutrition Services Director for Castle Rock Adventist Hospital: Lisa Poggas, MS, RD ● ● Nutrition Manager/Executive Chef for Parker Adventist and Castle Rock Adventist Hospitals: Daniel Skay ● ● Chef de Cuisine: Adam Freisem ● ● Architect: Hunton Brady Architects, Orlando, Fla.; Aurelio Posada Sr., architectural designer, and Paul Mascheske, director of healthcare design ● ● Interior Design: Ashleigh Pfluger, PJNG Partners, for front of house; Hunton Brady for back of house, Francisco Sierra, senior project coordinator ● ● Foodservice Design Consultants: Inman Foodservices Group LLC, Nashville, Tenn.; William "Billy" Inman, president; and Rick Palmer, vice president, healthcare services ● ● Foodservice Equipment Dealer: Great Lakes Hotel Supply, Denver; Tom Schneider ● ● General Contractor: GE Johnson, Denver KEY PLAYERS

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