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AUG 2019

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68 FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES AUGUST 2019 CHAIN PROFILE Authentic Dishes and a Growth- Mindset Kitchen The Hummus & Pita Co. Dave Pesso and his family have been interested in the restaurant industry for most of their lives. Growing up in Brooklyn, Pesso started hanging out at the bagel shop down the street at just ve years old. Every now and then, he would do an odd job at the shop or run a simple errand for the owner, who would give Pesso a few dollars for the help. By 12 he was bagging bagels and then, at 15, working the register. His mother, Janice Axelrod, was interested in foodservice as well. A partner in a mortgage bank, she was part-owner in a handful of restaurants over the years. It wasn't until the beginning of this decade, though, that the family truly became restaurateurs. Just before the Great Recession, Axelrod sold her shares in the mort- gage bank. She and Pesso, who worked there as well, helped the bank through the transition, but by 2011, it was time to move on. "The business wasn't the same anymore," says Pesso. "We wanted to do what our passion was and go into the food business, maybe become a franchisee." The family started by visiting franchise expos. After attending a few, though, they didn't nd a concept that really impressed them or felt like a t. Their decision: Start their own | By Toby Weber |

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