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AUG 2019

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56 FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES AUGUST 2019 FACILITY DESIGN PROJECT OF THE MONTH Floorplan Equipment Key 1. Tray dispenser 2. Base rack 2a. Dome rack 2b. Dunnage rack 2c. Mobile rack 2d. Can rack 2e. Oven rack 2f. Bread rack 3. Patient tray delivery cart 3a. Utility cart 3b. Receiving cart 3c. Catering cart 4. Heated plate dispenser 5. Trench drain 6. Hose station/cart wash 7. Worktable w/overshelf 8. Hand sink 8a. Mobile soak sink 8b. Pot and pan sink w/agitator 8c. Mop sink 9. Disposer 10. Soiled dishtable w/ tray return conveyor 11. Flight-type dish machine 12. Exhaust duct riser/ loaded end 12a. Exhaust duct riser/ unload end 12b. Exhaust hood 12c. Demand control ventilation system 13. Mobile trash bin 14. Hose reel 15. Tilt truck 16. Eye/face wash station 17. Spray rinse 18. Detergent shelving 18a. Refrigerator/freezer shelving 18b. Dry storage shelving 18c. High-density shelving system 18d. Wall shelf 18e. Pan-storage shelving 18f. Protector shelf system 18g. Bottled-beverage shelving 18h. Heated shelf 19. Detergent dispens- ing system 20. Racked refrigeration system 20a. Trayline refrigera- tion system coil 20b. Freezer system coil 20c. Refrigerated system coil 20d. Dairy/meat refrig- eration system coil 20e. Produce refrigera- tion system coil 20f. Walk-in refrigera- tor/freezer complex 20g. Walk-in refrigerator 20h. 2-section reach-in refrigerator 20i. 1-section reach-in refrigerator 20j. Refrigerated prep table 20k. Countertop freezer 20l. Mobile air screen refrigerator 20m. Reach-in blast chiller 20n. 1-section reach-in freezer 20o. Countertop display freezer 20p. 1-section pass-thru refrigerator 20q. Walk-in refrigerator w/ display doors 20r. Refrigerated display case 20s. 1-section under- counter refrigerator 21. 2-section steamer 22. Water filtration system 23. Fire protection system 24. Prep counter w/sinks 24a. Island work counter w/sinks 24b. Catering counter w/sink 24c. Counter w/freezer base 24d. Cooks' work coun- ter w/sink and tray assembly 24e. Beverage counter 24f. Work counter w/sink 24g. Serving counter 24h. Island snack display counter 24i. Cashier counter 24j. Work counter 24k. Stone Hearth/ cashier counter 24l. Condiment counter 25. Food processor 26. 1-section rack oven 26a. High-speed oven 26b. Microwave oven 26c. 4-slot toaster 26d. Allotted space for a combi oven in the future 26e. 2-section convec- tion oven 26f. Display warmer 26g. Stone-hearth pizza oven w/hood 27. 20-qt. mixer 28. Mobile equipment stand 29. Ice maker 29a. Ice dispenser w/soda heads/spire 30. Ice bin 31. Coee brewer 31a. Coee servicer 31b. Cappuccino dispenser 32. Grill w/stand 32a. Grill and charbroiler w/refrigerated base 33. Range and charbroil- er w/refrigerated base 33a. Range w/oven 33b. Range w/stand 34. S/s wall panel 35. Fryer w/filter and dump station 36. Shake mixer 37. Shake machine 37a. Allotted space to add a soft serve machine in the future 38. Printer 38a. POS system 39. Hot food well 39a. 2-well hot/cold pan 39b. 2-well hot food well 39c. 4-well, sloped drop-in cold pan 39d. Soup well 39e. 3-well drop-in cold pan 39f. 1-well hot food well 40. Heat lamp 41. Fill faucet 42. Base heater 43. Starter station 44. 12-gal. kettle w/stand 44a. 40-gallon kettle 45. Floor grate and frame 46. 40-gal. tilting fry pan 47. Mobile warming cabinet 47a. Pass-thru warming cabinet 48. Mobile ingredient bin 49. Slicer 50. Soda system carbonator 50a. Soda system 51. Cup dispenser 52. Juice dispenser 53. Toppings dispenser The hospitals share dietary man- agement and call center staff. The hospitals incorporate Mercyhealth's values healing in the broadest sense, patients come rst, treat each other like family, and always seek excellence. "Mercyhealth's values and the concept of peace and healing is reiter- ated throughout the interior design," says Cynthia Saathoff, associate principal, interior designer, AECOM, Minneapolis. "The atmosphere of the lounge and dining space needed to feel different from the rest of the hospital. This space offers patients' families, visitors and staff an opportunity to relax, decompress and regroup." Architects and interior designers brought in many natural elements to the design, including a two-story mural and windows bringing in A cook sautes menu items at À La Minute. Burgers are a staple oering at Corner Grill.

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