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AUG 2019

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52 FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES AUGUST 2019 chef Aaron Ziegler, a self-described long-time canna chef, hosts cannabis dinners three nights a week at his home. He doesn't charge for the din- ners but accepts donations to educate and entertain cannabis enthusiasts in a safe, private setting. Ziegler describes his dinners as precisely micro-infused, meaning the rst course starts with as little as 3 milligrams of THC, then courses build to an "arc" and conclude with little to no use of THC in the nal course. Having cooked with cannabis for a decade, Ziegler is skilled at it. He even extracts his own THC using a com- mercial-grade distiller. The equipment for this type of on-site distillation is large, hard to nd and expensive, so many cannabis chefs instead choose to make their own cannabis-infused butters or oils. One approach involves using decarbonized ‚owers, which a chef heats in a 250-degree-F oven for a couple hours and then grinds into a powder before blending with oils or butter. THC naturally binds well with fat molecules, so many cannabis chefs go this route. Chefs and food makers can also purchase premade cannabis oil or but- ter, but just like any other high-quality ingredient, Jagger stresses that it's important to know your source. Storage is another consideration as the product degrades over time, which causes the THC to degrade as well, according to Ziegler. "You want to store any distillate in the refrigera- tor and out of sunlight, but I wouldn't keep it around for six months," he says. As it stands, there is no set HAACP plan for CBD or cannabis products or guidelines for serving them in a safe manner. "We are working with a sub- stance that can be potentially dangerous, so I believe we need more regulation around serving and the infusions we purchase," says Ziegler. He has learned to pay close attention to his guests during dinners, not unlike a bartender scanning the eld for anyone who has been overserved. Chefs and restaurateurs are increasingly curious about cannabis- centered cuisine and concepts. "I think we will eventually see a seamless, hospitality-driven experience that has food and cannabis as the main focus," says Jagger. CBD: e Legal Gateway to Cannabis CBD, the non-psychotropic com- pound extracted from the cannabis plant has been touted as of late for its relaxing, sleep-inducing, pain- and in‚ammation-reducing side effects. canna- curious Fairgrounds Coee & Tea in Chicago, oers a CBD-infused liquid as an addition to hot, cold, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Guests enjoy a cannabis- infused dinner.

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