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JUN 2019

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JUNE 2019 FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES 67 Your Source for Ventless Kitchen Solutions CONTACT US TODAY! 1-800-348-2976 AutoFry® Automated ventless deep frying systems MultiChef XL ™ High Speed the customer's desired temperature; staff sear steaks rst in a cast-iron pan on the range. The team also smokes ingredients in the oven's smoke box accessory. A pressurized braiser supports sauce and stock production for the restaurant and allows staff to braise specialties such as brisket, carnitas and pork butt. A blast chiller quickly brings down the tem- perature of proteins and pastries. The braiser also prepares proteins for tacos served at CIA's Live Fire Kitchen, a student-run operation located in the middle of the Pearl district. Live Fire Kitchen operates on weekends in conjunction with the farmers market and also during special events happening at Pearl. Students and instructors use convec- tion ovens to bake bread and pastries including savory gougeres as well as for general prep. Two conventional ovens sit at either end of the full cooking suite, which serves as a showpiece. "I've been in the industry since 2003, and I've only had exposure to a suite once," Frade says. "It makes a big difference in what and how students learn. The suite offers students a great opportunity to understand the entire production system because they are facing each other and can see everything that is done at all the stations. There's more communication among the instructors and students visu- ally and verbally." The suite contains one fryer, which the culinary team uses to make Berkshire pork schnitzel, herb fries and garnishes. In addition to scallops for risotto, they prepare sh and veg- etables on a plancha and burgers and ribeye on the chargrill. The oven setup includes a combi oven on top, a deck oven in the middle and a proofer box at the bottom, which is primarily used to prepare bread for dinner service. The team prepares sauces and menu items such as mussels, sauteed spinach and fat rice on a pair of six-burner ranges that sit on different sides of the suite. Induction ranges maintain soups and sauces at temperature for service. The bar contains three reach-in refrigerators for wine storage, an undershelf refrigerator for all types of beverages and an espresso machine that uses rened capsules, plus a coffee brewer, tea brewer, coffee grinder and nitro coffee machine. As students learn how to use this equipment, they delight guests with food Šavors and textures that expand their culinary palate. Customers get a taste of what tomorrow's star chefs are capable of creating. FE&S

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