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JUN 2019

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R E T H I N K W E U S E Y O U R S P A C E D I F F E R E N T LY $BMMPSFNBJMTBMFT!NPGGBUDPNUPmOEPVUNPSF 5IFJOEVTUSZTTNBMMFTUGPPUQSJOUDPOWFDUJPOPWFOJOJUTDMBTT #BLFPSSPBTU5VSCPGBO4FSJFTPWFOTBSFGVMMZMPBEFEXJUI • "EKVTUBCMFDPOUJOVPVTNPJTUVSF • $PSFQSPCFDPPLJOH • 5XPTQFFEGBOUPDPPLIJHIIFBUPSEFMJDBUFQSPEVDUT • %PVCMFTUBDLFEPSDPNCJOFXJUIQSPPGBOEIPMEDBCJOFUT GPSJODSFBTFEDBQBDJUZ 7KDW·VDOOWKHVSDFHDQGQRQHRIWKHZDVWH Peak Demand Periods Cook n Hold Proteins Starches Bakery Space is king in any working kitchen, and it's in the smaller back RIKRXVHVZKHUH0RσDWâV7XUERIDQ series ovens shine. 7KHLQGXVWU\âVVPDOOHVWIRRWSULQWIXOO sheet-pan capable oven not only uses less hood space, but is a valued addition on the end of the line to provide addi- tional capacity for specialty applications. Whether baking or roasting, the 7XUERIDQVHULHVRYHQVDUHIXOO\ loaded with features, including adjust- able continuous moisture and core probe capability for moist, juicy pro- teins and two-speed fan settings for baking and delicate items. 7KHVHRYHQVDUHDYDLODEOHLQKLJK HτFLHQF\LQIUDUHGJDVYHUVLRQVRU 6kW electric versions that operate on DDPSEUHDNHUIRUDQHDV\DQGFRVW HσHFWLYHLQVWDOODWLRQ0RσDWâV7XUERIDQ VHULHVLVVWDFNDEOHIRUGRXEOH capacity on the same footprint. Control options include digital time and temp with program capability or a sophisticated touch controller with product icon imagery and pre-program FDSDELOLW\LGHDOIRUVHPLVNLOOHGVWDσ operation. 2WKHU7XUERIDQIHDWXUHVLQFOXGHD stay-cool vented door design, vitreous porcelain enamel interior and stainless steel exterior. 7KHVPDOOHU(YHUVLRQDFFRP- modates GN1/1 or hotel pans and half SDQV\HWVWLOORσHUVWKHSRZHURIN: in a smaller chamber. %RWK7XUERIDQPRGHOVFDQEH paired up with combination proofer/ holder cabinets or dedicated holding cabinets for maximum versatility. Backed by the company's national parts and service support, warranty and a best in class customer support WHDP0RσDWâV7XUERIDQRYHQVFDQIDVW become a serious value add on in any compact kitchen space. Fast cooking, easy to clean and easy service — that's the mantra of 7XUERIDQ Ovens Geared for Right Sized Kitchens SPONSORED CONTENT With the industry's smallest footprint for a full ZOLL[WHUJHWHISLV]LU4VH[»Z;\YIVMHU series is ideal for the trend of smaller kitchens.

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