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chain profile ● ● ● ● ● ● ● FEBRUARY 2019 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 93 sneeze guard between the people that are making the food and the consumers. There are no walls. There's no guessing where things are at." This clearly defined foodservice area includes the chain's dining section. The space, Krebs says, differs from what many consumers would imagine given that c-stores fre- quently shove a few chairs and tables into a corner and call that a dining area. Instead, Rutter's carves out a dining space near the open kitchen, letting guests know they have a place to relax and enjoy their food. In earlier Rutter's locations, pony walls defined the dining section. Newer stores don't have these walls. For one, says Krebs, the chain prefers a more open store design. What's more, no walls makes it easier for customers to access the non- foodservice areas of the store stocked with standard c-store items. "We felt that as we started adding beer coolers behind that area that making it more open and welcoming makes things flow more for the customer," he says. "We started to open up the dining rooms more than we did in the past." The furnishings in the dining area include sturdy lami- nate tables with wood trim accompanied by upholstered chairs, inviting guests to relax. Tables range from two-tops to six-tops. In some locations, solo diners have the option to sit at a bar-height counter along a wall. Another newer option in some Rutter's restaurants is outdoor seating, designed for truck drivers who may want to enjoy some fresh air before getting back behind the wheel. Not every new location will include a patio, notes Krebs. "We buy big properties, but it's a matter of whether it's advantageous for that store," he explains. "If it's more of a ● Chain Headquarters: York, Pa. ● Year Founded: Rutter's Family Farm & Business, 1747; Rutter's Dairy, 1921; Rutter's Convenience Stores, 1968 ● Signature Menu Items: Route 30 Burger (single, double or triple beef burger with up to six slices of cheese, nine slices of bacon and two grilled cheese sandwiches for the bun), Funnel Cake Fries and Fried Pork Belly. Over 85 local items highlighted on the menu. ● Number of Units: 72 ● FOH/BOH Split: BOH is approximately 10-15% of total store ● Seats per Unit: 30 interior seats; 18 exterior seats (depending on location) ● Unit Growth Projections: Projected goal of 100-plus locations by the end of 2021 FACTS OF NOTE

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