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90 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • FEBRUARY 2019 platter, Greek salad and fresh pita, lasagna, and stuffed pep- pers. These dishes rotate based on a five-week menu cycle. "The chef's specials broaden diners' menu selections and add a surprise each day to the menu," Koprivich says. Each day, cooks in the main kitchen at the assisted living facility prepare about 70 menu items for Heritage Square Grill and deliver them in large hotel pans that are placed on a steam table in front of the cook line. In keeping with the service style for all menu items, servers dish up chef's specials on china plates and bring them to the tables. The equipment lineup at the assisted living facility includes a 120-quart floor mixer and slicer; 2 double-stacked steamers for cooking vegetables; a 64-inch flattop for quesa- dillas and pancakes; an 8-burner saute station for soups and sauces; and 2 double fryers for french fries, fried fish and chicken wings. Staff here also use four convection ovens to bake roast beef, pork, chicken and desserts. Room Trays, Serving Alleys and Training Staff at Heritage Square Grill also prepare room trays for 20 to 30 residents the same way they prepare menu items for residents in the dining rooms. Nurses and nurses' aides take patients' orders — they also have sheets with the residents' names and dietary needs — and submit ticket orders to the culinary staff. To assemble trays, culinary staff place hot food on a plate that sits on a hot pellet covered by a tray lid. Cold and ambient menu items are also arranged on the trays, which nursing aids take directly to the rooms. "Nurses also help residents who need help eating in the dining rooms," Koprivich says. "We installed a serving alley behind the kitchen, which pro- vides a pass-thru to the dining rooms," Koprivich says. The alleys contain refrigerators for milk and juices, a coffee machine and juice dispenser. "I designed an area completely separate from the kitchen so servers don't have to come to the hot food line to fill orders," he says. "Serv- ers work quickly to service 100 people in less than one hour. The only time servers are in the kitchen is to drop off dirty dishes after service." To keep food waste at a minimum, cooks prepare menu items to order rather than prepare food that diners may or may not choose from a serving line. A made-to-order kitchen requires trained cooks, which presented a challenge to the Heritage Square Grill project given the Columbus, Ohio, region's low unemployment and resulting shortage of quali- fied employees. Andrews and Koprivich decided to take an unusual approach and partner with Rouxbe, an online culi- nary school, to provide cooks with foodservice training. "I submitted the partnership idea to Ohio Living's manager of innovation," Andrews says. "She fields 'homeless ideas' — ideas that will benefit the organization but don't fit into the regular budget categories. She received approval from the foundation, and we're giving this a try." "Experienced cooks and those who come to work here with little or no culinary experience will be able to get train- ing and certification," Koprivich says. "This will help people step up their careers." Approximately 30 employees will undergo the training. The response to Heritage Square Grill remains extremely positive. "For most people living in a nursing home environ- ment, food is the last thing they control," Koprivich says. "They are often sad because they have to be in a place that isn't their home. So we want to give them a culinary expe- rience much like they've had when eating at restaurants. They're interested in food shows on TV and like to feel part of a culinary show here. Each day, they have something to look forward to and can socialize with other residents and the cooks. That's the least we can do for residents." FE&S An upright dishwasher cleans and sanitizes Heritage Square Grill's dishes and serviceware. ON-SITE PROFILE

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