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the fall of 2018 will have the option of remaining in the program the following school year or turning in their remaining token for a free ice cream or something similar — Testory is still work- ing out that detail. Since so many residents are freshmen, he anticipates many not maintaining their campus dining program when they return as sophomores, especially if they no longer reside in campus housing. The university also currently has a pilot program in the works that includes a larger container option. "We have got- ten some feedback that a bigger container would be nice," Testory says. But, he explains, the current 6-inch-by-4-inch container size generally fits the bill in terms of a user's ability to stash it in a backpack. Testory credits the all-in philosophy for much of the program's success. "There was no other option to take food off-premise. There's really only two arguments as to why it would be a bad idea: one, you don't believe in sustainabil- ity — and we know this generation of students is one of the most sustainable — or, two, you just don't want to put the effort in to participate." The university did include students in the decision-making process, presenting the idea to those in the residence halls and to the university's student advisory board. Testory says there was support from all entities. The university does continue to use disposables in two specific circumstances: to fulfill mobile orders, which Testory says is "very limited," and to fulfill orders for stu- dents with severe dietary restrictions, which staff handle via one-on-one cooking. Since the program's start, Testory says quite a few schools have reached out to find out more. His No. 1 piece of advice: "Don't allow options, or they will choose dispos- able every time. Rip the Band-Aid off; go all-in. That's how you change the norm." FE&S THE FUTURE IS VENTLESS NOW SERVING: VENTLESS GRILLS, FRYERS & OVENS VentaGrill ™ Ventless Griddle From bacon and eggs, to burgers and steaks, VentaGrill is the perfect solution for any business looking to expand their menu with grilled food options. With a built in ventilation and ANSUL ® Fire Suppression System, VentaGrill allows for tremendous flexibility when determining cooking and service points within your foodservice facility. AutoFry Mini-C ™ Single Serve Fryer Our brand NEW single-serve, double basket countertop model of AutoFry is compact and perfect for businesses looking to promote a made- to-order concept. Just like its counterparts, the AutoFry Mini-C is fully automated and fully enclosed. Equipped with its own ANSUL ® fire suppression system, AutoFry is the safest commercial fryer on the market. MultiChef XL ™ High Speed Oven Our new and improved, MultiChef XL uses a unique combination of convection, rapid air impingement, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times by up to 80%. Using MultiChef XL is simple, regardless of kitchen knowledge level. In just two steps, select one of 80 presets or enter in a manual time, and press start! MultiChef XL will take care of the rest. A U T O F R Y . C O M V E N T A G R I L L . C O M M U L T I C H E F . C O M Motion Technology, Inc. - Your Source For Ventless Kitchen Solutions CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE! "We realized that our efforts to be sustainable were actually having the opposite effect since most of those compostable containers were not making it to the proper waste channels." —Peter Testory, Division of University Housing at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

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