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36 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • FEBRUARY 2019 Cuccia works with plates that have a knit-like texture. "We like dishes that have some texture or pattern to help frame the food for photos but that are still smooth so they don't get in the way of eating," she says. Rimmed or coupe dishware in various forms can help bounce light off a plated menu item as well as cre- ate some natural shadowing that works well when photographed, Cuccia says. Even the weight of plateware comes into consideration when choos- ing the tabletop setup. The heartier a main ingredient, like a roast chicken, the heavier the dish or platter Cuccia will pick. "We wouldn't serve a homey dish like that on a very delicate plate, so we chose a large, stoneware bowl to create a more approachable feel that can also hold all the juices and pair- ings," she says. For example, she'll use a heavy, black oval dish for a shareable steak served with a dramatic, vertical presentation of the bones. Composition Considerations Food composition is as important in plating a chef-driven dish as it is for paint on a canvas. Throw in the Insta fever, and now chefs have to be "even more aware that they are dealing with a frame," says Mansfield. When Insgm Has Top Tools for Insta-Friendly Plating Techniques Offset spatulas Small spoons Air blowers for clean presentations Brushes for oils Spray bottles of all different sizes for misting and water droplets Wipes Tweezers Toothpicks Instagram: eatatthenest Color contrast: Dark-colored, texturized dishes make eggs and strawberry cobbler pop at The Nest in Bellflower, Calif. Photo courtesy of Oneida "We try to first think about what the food is going to look like and then work backward from there when selecting the color of the plate," she says. Additionally, patterned vessels and those with a textured appearance can help naturally brighten less colorful dishes both in person and in photos.

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