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FEBRUARY 2019 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 105 12 feet by 10 feet inside of the doors] that can accommodate carts of soiled dishes to hold until they can be broken down," Sedej says. "In this environment, soiled ware is coming back in bulk, not hand- carried a few at a time. By not building a large fixed area and providing open space, we built in the flexibility to handle the fluctuation on dish demand without overbuilding the space." In addition, this positioning allows the staff to "dump" and return to their stations without hav- ing to break everything down. Concourse-Level Foodservice On the concourse level, six concession areas offer myriad food selections. Each concession area contains a walk-in cooler in the back for both food on one side and a keg storage/remote draft beer system on the other. "When changing kegs, remote systems versus direct-draw refrigera- tors provide a cleaner look and labor efficiencies behind the scenes," Sedej says. "Changing kegs can be done with- out — or with minimal — movement of the kegs, diminishing the probability of turbulence. When kegs are moved around just before being tapped, it is common to see a lot of foam be- ing poured. Remote systems decrease product waste (foam running down the drain) as well as service time (staff do not have to wait for foam to dissipate — a pour without foam is faster than a pour with foam)." Remote systems can positively af- fect space usage, sales and menu variety, adds Sedej. "When a direct-draw refrigerator is used, it must be placed in the front of house which can reduce F O O D W A S T E S O L U T I O N S Celebrating 75 Years Learn about our Disposer Systems at The NAFEM Show Booth #1844 Help your high efficieny ware- washer clean more efficiently. Our Disposer Systems use a powerful plume of recirculat- ed water to scrap dishes mak- ing your dishware consistantly come out cleaner. Choose Cleaner Choose a Salvajor Disposer System Above: In the main kitchen, from right, a tilt skillet, range, convec- tion deck ovens and a combi for steaming hot dogs, cookies, vegetables and proteins. Left: The bakery area in the kitchen includes a bread proofer and rotat- ing oven that accepts roll-in racks. Photos by Edward Marshall

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