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100 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • FEBRUARY 2019 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h a naming-rights sponsor and a dozen other sponsors who display ads on outfield walls. The village provided the land and floated bonds to fund the ballpark's construction and an attached parking garage. The owners and village share annual sponsorship revenues, with the owners receiving the first $1.3 million, and the remainder divided 60 percent to the owners and 40 percent to the village. Impact Field will also host concerts, festivals and events such as weddings, meetings and banquets. Impact Field's contemporary aesthetic features clean lines and a strong red-and-black, metal-clad ribbon element that jogs over and between the park's buildings to tie them together. Similar red, black and white components are also brought into the club and suite finishes, says Sterling B. Hershey, AIA, LEED AP, associate, AECOM, Kansas City, Mo. Planning Foodservice The foodservice program was already set prior to the selection of Professional Sports Catering to manage the foodservice operations. "Design required a great deal of communication between the owners, contractors and design team to define the operational goals, which included a strong POS ratio to the number of seats, upscale food offerings with cooking capabilities in the stands, a kitchen with a catering component and flexibility in the design so the operator had choices with the ability to revise the menu to meet current trends," says Kristin Sedej, FCSI, president of S20 Consul- tants Inc., Chicago. "The design had to have enough flex- ibility to meet those goals and allow the future operator to personalize and allow all to understand what was needed to accomplish the project goals along with the costs associated." Once Professional Sports Catering was on board, a team from Impact Stadium was invited to Levy's headquarters for a tasting to decide the menu fare. "We wanted to offer a wide variety of food because we never know the exact demograph- ic mix of the fans at any one game," says Bradley Stephens II, general manager of Impact Field. "And we wanted the dining experience to be fun and entertaining." Professional Sports Catering made a few minor equip- ment changes and additions, such as a custom grill for the Wieners Circle-branded operation and a soft-serve machine for the dessert concession area. Designing a flow that would minimize labor require- ments and enhance efficiency presented the team with chal- lenges. "There was only one viable option, architecturally, for the kitchen location under the parking garage, and it was not close to any direct service points," Sedej says. "It was very im- portant that the identification and location of support spaces were included to make sense in relation to service points." Menu items arrive on the field level at the loading dock, which has a pair of consecutive overhead doors that help control climate and pests in the summer months. Staff store food for concessions, the private club, catering and suites in Elevator Lobby Warming Kitchen 6a 31 34 31 36 31 8a 28 10 15 19 16 21 5a 7a 6a 34 31 29 8e 30 1a 6a 28 28 28 33 7a 5a 10 8d 8d 8d 1b 6 1 1 1 1 1 1 28b 19a 14a 12a 28a 18a 12a 14a 14a 17a 17b 10a 10a 13a 13a 13a 33b 29a 10a 33a 33b 8b 32 8g 5a 1a 6a 35 37 35 38 39 1c 8g 37 8f 36a Walk-in Cooler/ Freezer FLASH POINT GRILL CONCESSION AREA

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