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94 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • JANUARY 2019 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h Miller, especially during the lunch and dinner hours, because participation at the renovated facility skyrocketed to a level never seen before," Khouw says. Meal transactions rose from an average of 5,500 per day to 9,600 per day. Design Solutions A collaborative process identified program requirements for the new facility, which opened in August 2018. "The overriding theme of this new dining venue was to have a high-energy yet warm and inviting place where students can gather and expe- rience everything that the recently renovated Miller Dining had to offer and more," Khouw says. "The project team also wanted the new dining space to be even more exciting and more operationally efficient." Goals and priorities were identified by MSU staff lead- ers, the building committee and the architects during team operations workshops to identify the menu profile, methods of production for the various culinary menu offerings and style of service within each of the servery stations. The group also identified other operational criteria for the front and the back of the house that included: bulk refrigerated and freezer storage requirements, cold preparation and hot production capacity, the bakery component, recycling and trash han- dling, and dining services administrative and staff facilities such as offices, toilets and locker/changing rooms. In addition, collaborative design and visioning workshops helped drive a user-focused solution to the architectural look and feel of the interior and exterior aspects of the project. "The building's design character and materials reflect the preference expressed by students and staff for quality 1. Mobile undercounter refrigerator 1a. Refrigerated bakery case 1b. Roll-in refrigerator 1c. Walk-in complex 1d. Evaporator coil 1e. Mobile reach-in refrigerator 1f. Mobile refrigerated base 1g. Mobile reach-in freezer 1h. Roll-in blast chiller/freezer 1i. Mobile undercounter display refrigerator 1j. Mobile refrigerated equipment stand 1k. Mobile refrigerated sandwich unit 1l. Mobile undercounter freezer 1m. Mobile slide door undercounter refrigerator 1n. Frost top 1o. Refrigerated self-service case 2. Espresso/cappuccino machine 2a. Knock box 2b. Coffee maker 2c. Coffee server 2d. Coffee maker, satellite system 3. Coffee grinder 4. Bottle syrup rail 4a. Syrup organizer 5. POS terminal 6. Retail service counter 6a. Front service counter 6b. Back island counter 6c. Back counter 6d. Coffee counter 6e. 89'er Diner service counter 6f. Forge 406 service counter 6g. Beverage counter 6h. The Nook counter 6i. Rosso: Italian, pizza and pasta Counter 6j. XO: wok/stir fry counter 6k. De La Mesa: Mexican/bur- rito service counter 6l. Etcetera service counter 6m. Crossroads/Smoothies service counter 7. Ambient/refrigerated display case 7a. Pastry/bread display case 8. Food guard w/light 9. Cold food well 9a. Drop-in found sauce well 9b. Dipperwell 9c. Drop-in hot food well 9d. Drop-in angled cold unit 10. Crepe maker 11. Rapid bake oven 11a. Mobile triple deck oven 11b. Smoker/convection oven 11c. Ferris wheel rotisserie 11d. Mobile double convection oven 11e. Cheesemelter 12. Mobile sandwich prep table 12a. Worktable w/prep sink 12b. Worktable 12c. Baker's table w/wood top 12d. Soiled dishtable w/soak sink 12e. Clean dishtable 12f. Mobile worktable 12g. Mobile refrigerated pizza prep table 12h. Mobile pizza cutting table 12i. Mobile refrigerated prep table 13. Drop-in prep sink 13a. Drop-in utility sink 13b. Hand sink w/foot pedal and soap/towel dispenser 13c. Pot sink 13d. Silver soak sink 13e. Pre-rinse sink 13f. Drop-in hand sink 13g. Drop-in prep sink 13h. Two-compartment sink 14. Mobile rack 14a. Can rack 14b. Dunnage rack 14c. Pot rack, ceiling mount 15. Waste receptacle 15a. Mobile waste container 16. 20-qt. mixer 16a. Spiral mixer, 180 lbs. 16b. 60-qt. mixer 16c. Mixer stand 17. Roll-in proofer 18. Exhaust ventilator 18a. Grease interceptor 19. Ingredient bin 19a. Ice transport system bin w/carts 20. Dough sheeter 21. Rounder divider 22. Mobile walk-in shelving 22a. Stationary shelving unit 22b. Wall shelving 22c. Mobile shelving unit 22d. High-density shelving 22e. Heated stone shelf 22f. Wall-mounted shelving 22g. Wall-mounted pot shelving 22h. Drop-in glass heated shelf 23. Pre-rinse spray station 23a. Eye-wash station 24. Garbage disposer 25. Pot washer w/booster heater 26. Ice maker, H2O cooled, chilled H2O loop 26a. Filter system for icemaker 26b. Undercounter ice maker w/bin 27. Floor trough 28. Mobile warming and hold- ing cabinet 28a. Pass-through stacked hot holding/display cabinet 28b. Mobile undercounter heated cabinet 28c. Ice cream dipping cabinet 29. Tray conveyor 30. Pass-through window ledge 31. Sight and sound baffel 32. Flight-type dishwasher w/booster heater 32a. Undercounter ware- washer booster heater 33. Hose reel 34. Mobile utility cart 35. Rack dolly 35a. Dish dolly 36. Food guard w/light and heat 36a. Food guard w/light 36b. Food guard partition 36c. Food guard 37. Counter griddle 37a. Griddle w/stand 37b. 36-inch counter griddle 38. Fire extinguishing system 39. Hanging heat lamp 39a. Portable counter heat lamp w/base 40. Mobile fryer battery w/heated dump 41. Carving board 41a. Cutting board, bread display 42. Buffalo chopper 43. 6-burner range 43a. Step-up counter range 43b. 2-hole wok range 43c. 1-hole wok range 44. 20-qt. tilt counter kettle 44a. Tilt skillet stand 44b. 40-gal. tilt kettle 45. S/s angled low wall cap 46. Mobile single combi oven 46a. Mobile double combi oven 46b. Filter system, combi oven 46c. Conveyor toaster 46d. Waffle baker 46e. Stone hearth oven 46f. Vent duct 46g. Mobile single combi-oven 47. Food processor 48. Automatic slicer 49. Soda and ice dispenser 49a. Juice dispenser 49b. Iced tea brewer/dis- penser 49c. Drop-in glass water filler station 49d. Double milk dispenser 49e. Ice cream cone dispenser 49f. Syrup warmer/dispenser 49g. Batter dispenser 49h. Triple cereal dispenser 50. Novelty ice cream mer- chandiser 51. Milkshake machine 52. Drop-in refrigerated cold pan 53. Peanut butter machine 54. Pasta cooker 55. Rice cooker/warmer 56. Drop-in wok induction warmer 57. Drop-in rotating cold pan 58. Rotating tortilla grill 59. Tortilla press, heated 60. Blender w/cover 61. Undercounter ice cream maker w/bin 62. Soup kettle The contemporary building features wood, glass and steel elements.

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