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JAN 2019

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executives to have more hands-on experiences and learn from those with vast knowledge in the industry. A lot of our new hires don't necessarily have the same kind of restaurant experi- ence that some of us old guard folks first brought to the table, so the more I can get them out in front of any foodservice equipment, and especially new and emerging technology, the more comfortable (I hope) they will get with those pieces and the more comfortable they will be selling them. While we have always enjoyed strong relationships with factories and buying groups, we will certainly also look to work more closely with them as well as to help develop a healthier and more profitable marketplace for all of us. FE&S: For many years you have been so connected to local restaurant cli- ents in the Traverse City area. How do you think that experience will help you in training newcomers on street sales? CG: We are very local-focused in my office and I think we do about as well as you can at servicing one's own regional market. If there's a restaurant in north- ern Michigan either you're going to hear our name associated with them or we're going to find out about them and try to work with them. Off the clock, we also love dining at all of the restau- rants we service. We really get out there and are the boots on the ground. Knowing not all 18 offices are street-selling offices like we are is a little daunting, I admit, but I hope to get all of them to build their negotiated sales department. My hope is to help them connect with their local markets. I mean, isn't everyone striving to be more local now anyway? We're still hearing about farm-to-table restau- rants; there's certainly no frozen-to- table ones out there, or at least I hope not! FE&S: Speaking of eating out often, what is your favorite restaurant these days? CG: Well … can I be impartial? I don't want to be "that guy," but my son, Fletcher, just opened up a great new Italian restaurant in Traverse City called Sorellina. He's the executive chef/co- owner of a restaurant group with four restaurants in the area now, plus a bakery. We are very proud of him! 800.647.1284 | The full-line of equipment from Master-Bilt ® is designed at the highest standards to prepare you for the most extreme situations. From Reach-ins to Rack Systems and everything in between, the refrigeration experts at Master-Bilt ® will find the solution to your cold storage needs. NAFEM BOOTH 2823

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