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JAN 2019

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a pro you should know FE&S: Why the sudden revisited focus on street sales? CG: For a while we had gotten so good in contract and chain business that we sort of took an eye off the negotiated sales division — not so much in my office because we have a lot of local ac- counts — but slightly more so com- pany-wide. Part of my goal in my new role will be to put some more attention back on the good ole' fashioned negoti- ated street salesperson selling kitchen equipment and other supplies to local clients. In certain markets we definitely have room to grow. Though I'll still be based in Traverse City, I anticipate a little more travel around the country to help spur some activity in the negoti- ated side of the business. FE&S: You now have marketing in your title, will your work change? CG: The title says less about the reality, which is that I'll mainly be oversee- ing sales, and it's more about how we are going to make some updates to our websites and other areas to market more directly to our customers. FE&S: How do you plan to onboard the many new hires, especially as you also ramp up street sales? CG: We made a ton of new hires, actu- ally! We have a total of 182 employees and 62 are Millennials. David Stafford Jr. really spent a lot of time getting out there and finding some qualified, young new hires to bring in the next genera- tion with some fresh energy and excite- ment. As one might imagine, we have a lot of training and education to do and what better way to introduce our new account executives to the industry than to bring them to NAFEM and take them through the booths. I'm thrilled that we will have more participation as a company at the show this year. This will kick off a lot more train- ing and interactions with manufac- turers' reps and cooking demos with customers, where we will bring in local or factory chefs so our new hires can have a lot more direct exposure with the customer with the purpose of sell- ing more, of course. FE&S: Speaking of manufacturers' reps, how do you plan to continue to grow and maintain partnerships with this key element of the supply chain? CG: We're certainly going to try to take more of an active approach to increase factory training, rep training and cooking demonstrations to allow our negotiated salespeople or account 800-338-5594 | NAFEM Booth # 2060 CDN Measures Up Submersible Scale (SD1110X, SD2210X) • Submersible (IP67) • Field calibration • Rechargeable battery and power adapter • 11 or 22 lbs by lb:oz, oz, fractional oz and g @2019 CDN All rights reserved. Multi-Task Timer & Clock (TM8) Counts up and down, clock, memory, 24 hours by hrs/ min/sec Thin Tip Pocket Thermometer (DTT450) 1.5 mm thin tip, 6-second response, field calibration u CDN is a global category leader in kitchen measurement tools, known for quality and innovation. With models from the basic to the unique, CDN measures up.

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