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JAN 2019

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● ● ● The Gundis restaurant in Chicago celebrates Kurdish cuisine and features some common Turkish foods and flavors like yogurt, sumac and saffron. One authentic dish is the Îsot pepper-rubbed salmon and chicken and vegetable sac tawa, a traditional, spicy Kurdish stir-fry cooked with onion, tomatoes and bell peppers, and served with a side of bulgur or rice. For a twist on a traditional Turkish rice pudding, Executive Chef Juan González adds goat milk for extra tang and serves up Kurdish "coffee," a naturally de- caffeinated brew of pistachio tree seeds (terebinth) and milk. The brunch menu showcases fig and walnut-infused pancakes, sou- jouk (beef sausage) omelets and spreads with fresh feta cheese, cucumbers and fresh cheese rolls with Kurdish sesame butter. E&S Implications for Turkish and Persian Cuisine: ● Charcoal- or wood-fired grills for kebabs and other dishes ● Rotisserie ovens for slow-roasted lamb, chicken and meats ● Metal and wood skewers for kebabs ● Dome, clay or wood ovens for baking Turkish pide and pita breads ● Large pots and Dutch ovens or other clay pots for stews and crispy rice ● Mortar and pestle for spice grinding ● Wire sieve and cheesecloth for straining soups, yogurt and teas ● Wooden dowel or oklava ● Cezve or another small kettle made of copper or stainless steel for making Turkish coffee; Turkish coffee cups ● Two-tiered Turkish tea pot, or çaydanlık ● Tost makinesi, essentially a panini press, for making tost, or grilled kashar cheese sandwiches, typically eaten for breakfast or in-between meals Booth 1257 ENGINEERED for EXCELLENCE From our award-winning high-production energy-efficient fryer, to our innovative char-broiler designs, Royal has all the high-quality cooking equipment you need for your kitchen. Learn more about the many options available : Toll-free: 800-769-2414 • High-quality, affordable products for single-unit operators and multi-unit chains • 72% efficiency rated energy-efficient fryer with "Zero" recovery time • Stainless steel drip pans on all equipment • Fryers available in multiple unit banks with easy-to-use built-in filters • Designed and engineered with foodservice operators in mind broilers | fryers | griddles | hot plates | ovens | ranges Concept Closeup: The Gundis Middle Eastern Chains Serving Persian/Turkish Dishes: ● Naf Naf Middle Eastern Grill ● Halal Guys ● Moby Dick House of Kabob Moby Dick House of Kabob The Gundis

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